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  1. I would either: a) start learning a new type of music or learning a different band's songs, :( start learning something really technical, like perfecting my scales or really working on blues/improvisation, c) get a new effects pedal, especially a multi-effects pedal that will keep you occupied and maybe give you some creative ideas, or d) get a new guitar! One of those four things gets me over my hump every time.
  2. I measure out the recommended distance, then go a bit closer in the bridge. I like it to be closer to make "pick attack" more audible. Then, I move the neck up to match the output of the bridge, which usually puts it at around 1/16" (even though it's only "supposed to be" 3/32 up there). This seems to be the distance where I am quite close, but the strings do not hit the pup cover no matter how hard I pick them.
  3. All-time most distinctive: Opening? Purple Haze Riff? Back in Black I know I'm biased being a Morello fan, but Rage Against The Machine's "Bulls On Parade" has a very distinctive opening. Not even in the top ten all-time, but worth mentioning nonetheless.
  4. If it's not a LE, this whole thing has been very misleading.
  5. Funny thing is, if this was anything other than gear, it would not hurt half as bad!! But I am never for anxious for something to arrive than when it's gear!
  6. lol, I'm surprised I made a statement for Gibson, since I am certainly not a "Gibson guy." I'm not even a member of the Gibson forums! I just think there's a difference - may not be large, but it's there. Please keep in mind that I'm not knocking Epiphone or Elitists - I love my Epiphone LP and I'm currently on the market for a used Elitist SG! I don't plan on buying a Gibson any time soon. I simply think there is a difference, however small it may be. If you've seen me post in the past, however, you've probably seen me say that I don't think the actual difference is worth the price difference.
  7. That's fine, agree to disagree. I guess there are people that think Asian assembly and African mahogany are equal to US assembly and Honduran mahogany. I agree that they're in the same "league," Rotcan, but I do think the two aforementioned factors are significant to some degree (even if it's a small one).
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