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  1. If you have served/are serving/has family in the service and are reading this, please accept my personal and sincere thanks... http://s123.photobucket.com/albums/o318/Pritong_Galunggong/?action=view&current=StarSpangledBanner.flv
  2. No guitar sales for me either or any sort of travel. Gas prices here have gone way past $4 a gallon just in the last 2 days. I was at Guitar Center last Tuesday to pick up some guitar polish and strings and the sales guy was telling me how it would be a madhouse there on Memorial Day. He was sorting through mic and guitar cables of all kinds and sizes and said those were going to go for just $10 regardless of length or brand. However, I am just recovering from a recent GAS attack wherein I got 2 pedals - a Dime Bag DB1 Cry Baby from Hell and a Boss DD6 Delay pedal. The high gas prices do not help in a speedy recovery at all. 2 buddies of mine are coming over so we could jam..starting today until tomorrow!
  3. Youre welcome. just as hbucker said, dont expect a high output pup rolled down to sound like a vintage PAF at full tilt. its a trade off. When playing certain styles or music, there are times that I do not want that vintage PAF tone. Sounds crazy but its not the tone Im looking for when Im playing Metallica, Slayer, or Disturbed. Similarly, there are times when I DO want that tone but its really quite an impossible feat to demand such versatility from a pair of pups without resorting to other external means of obtaining the kind of sound you want in a specific situation. Some purists may vehemently object to the use of amp modeling effects or other tone altering technologies, but I use them since I dont have the $$$ to buy all the guitars I need to produce certain tonal characteristics.
  4. Got mine a couple of days ago too. Thanks to Strangedogs for the heads up. Interesting articles and ads. I was up till 2am perusing the mag. lol
  5. Like you, I play anything and everything in between from The Beatles to Pantera. I have a couple other guitars to do "specialized" work but what I found what works is the Gibson pup combo of the 496R/500T. I know to many ears (especially to blues/classic rock players) this combo may seem horrible and too harsh. But again, I dont only play blues. I need pups that can do most anything. For folks who play blues & classic rock, they would rather prefer a vintage PAF pup which has a lower output and pair that off to a monster Marshall rig. Id rather have a high output pickup that I can back down to clean up rather than a low output pickup that cant seem to go any hotter when I need it to. IMO, this combo is just as good. The only thing is...you will need to tweak your volume & tone knobs (on the guitar and amp) AND also tweak your effects settings (ie: gain, overdrive, etc) to suit your playing style. I have been able to get some warm (not harsh) bluesy tones just by adjusting the above mentioned things. And i have also been able to go shred with it as well. Good luck!
  6. hopefully, you havent touched the bridge. Usually, all this needs is some minor truss rod adjustment. That is what Ricochet is referring to. I had some fret buzz with mine in the lower frets (5th fret down to first) and all that it took to get rid of it is to turn the truss rod to give some "relief" and slightly bow the neck.
  7. Welcome to the forum. As to your question, I guess there are just some people who are very finicky about their gear/sound. IMO, it like this: If one professionally makes records and/or live performance then I would understand their ranting. But if its just for jamming at home or at friends, then i dont see the point in the pursuit of high end pro gear UNLESS you have a ridiculous amount of $$$ that you just dont know what to do with.
  8. If i would have to have only 1 guitar, I would choose an Ibanez Joe Satriani JS1200. Of course, only after a locking stud mod had been done to it. My style incorporates lots of stuff...from 1960s surf instrumentals to 70s hard rock, 80s punk, to love songs and ballads,90s grunge, progressive, etc. I like this guitar because of its versatility in terms of tone (got those dual PAF DiMarzio humbucker pups), 3 way switch, coil tap to split the pup coils and make it sound like a strat, got the true, full floating whammy bar (that I can do complete dive bombs as well as pull ups, horse squeals, etc), its light (so as not to dislocate my shoulder on extended gigs), its got a rosewood fingerboard...so many features. But as i said, only after a Locking Stud Mod has been done.
  9. Just to name a few: Cliffs of Dover, Erotomania, Glasgow Kiss, Estranged, Flying in a Blue Dream and 100s of others.
  10. No offense to Ibanez shred guitars out there...but this is the exact same reason I just had to get rid of my Ibanez Joe Satriani JS1000. It was just a piece of **** tonally. sure, it had nice pickups, but it was made of basswood; light but in terms of acoustic tone, it was a turd. I think this guitar was built with the expectation that the tone would come from a monster rack of effects instead of the well-built/designed inherent guitar tones one would come to expect from a high-priced "high end" guitar.
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