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  1. So pretty much if i get : B7 bigsby vibramate b7 and a gfs roller bridge (should it be the standard roller bridge or the wilkinson brass roller bridge??) ill be set?
  2. I just bought my friends 2001 korean les paul studio, thought it could be a good project! I'm thinking i might install a bigsby, just to experiment because I've never used one; but I'm not sure which bigsby I should be looking at. This studio is a lot thinner and lighter than my epi zakk wylde (it'd only be about 1.5inches thick) so I thought it might fit a different bigsby to a regular les paul. thanks, Mealz
  3. That sounded awesome!...he had a video with the Seymour Duncans too, think I like the Dimarzio's better
  4. thanks guys, I think I'm leaning towards to Dimarzio's :)
  5. Torn between two setups for my les paul: SD JB bridge with SD jazz neck or Dimarzio Tone Zone bridge with Dimarzio PAF pro neck What kind of sound would each of these setups give?? Which would you prefer?
  6. Thanks for your help, i really had no idea lol! Was looking through the wiring diagrams on the SD site, I'm really interested in the Jimmy Page setup! Yeah, it'd be a huge wiring job, but I'd learn heaps and be awesome to play around with all the different tones
  7. Thanks for the info! Just one question though...with the coil tapping, you said I only needed one of the pots to be push/pull?? Sorry, I've never used coil tapping before so I'm not quite sure how it works...I just know it's advantages Also, can you still use a push/pull pot before you actually have coil tapping? I'm planning to upgrade all the pots and stuff before I upgrade the pickups Oh yea, I'm still not sure what caps to get :S (sorry, pretty new to these kinds of upgrades...) Mealz
  8. Hey, I've decided (finally) to upgrade my zakk wylde Les Paul. I've decided to upgrade the pickups to the Seymour Duncan JB bridge and Jazz neck. But, my real question is, I want to upgrade the pots, caps and the switch, but i don't really know anything about them (like what size I need, what brand etc.). I been looking into the push/pull pot thing when I upgrade my pickups (I'm not sure if I'd really use the feature, but who knows, it could be useful), does that mean I need a different kinds of pots? Is it easy enough to install these things myself? Links to places I could buy th
  9. Hey, I got a zakk wylde buzzsaw...i love it :( The EMG HZ pickups aren't really my thing, I used to love EMG's (mostly because they look awesome) but I'm starting to realize now that there are so many other pickups that (to me) just have so much more tonal quality about them...I going to upgrade to pickups that compliment the guitar rather than overshadowing it...but that's just my opinion! Everyone has different tastes, so don't take it too literally! Other than that, I think this guitar is awesome! I've never had problems with tuning or anything, and this guitar is built like a b
  10. Hey all, There has been this occasional problem with my guitar (zakk wylde -all stock)...Sometimes when I'm in bridge position, the sound turns really really thin (sometimes it cuts out completely), but when I'm in the middle position or neck position its still nice and fat (this is with distortion)...is this a problem with my switch or my pickups??? As i said it only happens occasionally...but i want to be able to fix it Mealz
  11. hahahah dont worry.....pretty easy to assume that everyone who posts on here is male.....dont think i've actually seen another girl post on here
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