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  1. I went for the Vox Tonelab LE and I'm very happy with it! Even happier after downloading the edit software. :-)
  2. Thanx for the replies guys! I think I'm going on a testing journey this Monday. I'll let you know what I chose.
  3. Hi Guys! At the moment I'm only using the built-in amp plugin within Cubase 4 but I wish to buy a more standalone solution. I've been looking, not yet listening, at the new POD X3 and the Vox Tonelab LE. I'm looking for a warm jazzy or bluesy sound with very mild distortion in the first place, although I'd like to have the possibility to use some heavy metal sounds as well. What do you think, POD or Vox? Which is best with the Les Paul I have? A very confused islander from Sweden
  4. OK, thanks a mill for the explanation! It's kind of smart thinking although akward at first sight! Now I just have to practice and practice and.... //JT
  5. Hi! Jay Thomas from Sweden. Just bought myself an EPI Les Paul Standard and I'm kind of confused about the volume knobs when the selector is in the middle position. I thought that the volume knobs were totally independent, ie there's always sound even if one of them is in the 0 position (as long as the other isn't). On my guitar it seems that the knobs must be at least in the no 2 position to get any sound at all. If any of the knobs is turned down to 0, no matter the other is set to, the sound dissappears? Any ideas or am I wrong? A confused greeting from Stockholm/Sweden //JT
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