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  1. Hello guys, I am looking to upgrade the tubes and speaker on my v3 EVJ. Currently, the tubes are stock, which are EH 12ax7 preamp tube and EL84 Sovtek power tube, and the speaker is the stock Eminence 8'' speaker. I am looking to get a a more fendery sound (i.e. Hotrod deluxe) out of my amp. What tubes and speaker (type and brand) would you suggest? And if I change my tube types, would I have to bias them? Thanks.
  2. Hey all, Thanks for your comments. They have been very helpful. I went on ebay and got myself a Weber Mini Mass 25W attenuator. Plugged it in between my EVJ amp and the 8'' 16ohm Eminence speaker, and voila, beautiful saturated tone at very comfortable volumes! The one thing I haven't been able to get is cleaning up the tone by rolling down the volume knobs. My guitar is an Austin Session master, which is a 335 copy made in China. It's a semi-hollow body with two humbucker pickups. I'm reaaally new to electric guitar and a lot of the stuff that you guys are discussing are going somewhat over my head. But, technically, if my volume pots were in good working condition, I should be able to roll off the volume and clean up the overdrive just with my volume knob? Even with humbuckers? If I can't get that result, what can I do to fix it? Will it be an easy job? Thanks guys. -Dave
  3. Hey dear EVJ advocates, I love the natural overdrive and crunch of my EVJ, but to get to that point, I have to really crank up the volume. For my dorm room, it's just too loud, and I need a way to lower the volume but still get that naturally overdriven tone out of the amp. I know that the an amp attenuator will help fix that problem by reducing the power that go from the amp head to the speaker. But I was thinking, would it be possible to use a regular EQ pedal to sit between the amp and the speaker to lower the output going into the speaker? i.e. set the EQ and reduce the boost. This way, I can cheaply get the tone I want at lower volumes and tweak the EQ to a more optimal setting. Would this be feasible? Thanks. -Dave
  4. I just looked at the back of my V3 EVJ Combo, and I saw that the EL84 power tube is a Sovtek. I'm going to order a JJ Tesla EL 84 to see how that changes tone...Should I order a JJ for the preamp tube too?
  5. Hello, I just got a new EVJ Combo, and apparently, it's the version 3 model given that it has three output options @ 4, 8, and 16 ohms. I know that the previous EVJ models have had to be modded in order to fix some problems (i.e. hum, biasing). Does anyone know what the upgrades are for the v3 EVJ combo? Have the previous problems been fixed? Also, I have seen on wikipedia that the new EVJ head models have JJ EL84s on them as stock. Is this true also for the combo version? I am spankin' new to guitar amp stuff, and I need some info + clarity. It'll be much appreciated! Thanks, gobs
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