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  1. I just got a Standard Mexican Stratocaster last Thursday, and I think every electric guitarist should have a Strat AND a Les Paul... Can't think of a pair that can get a wider range of sounds than that, unless you factor in tremendously expensive boutique axes or modeling guitars...
  2. If 40 here is young, I should be in a crib... 20 years old and counting! Saúdos aqui do Brasil!
  3. -D'Addario 11's on my Les Paul(used 10's but they break too often for me... guess I hit those strings a little TOO hard :- -Not sure of the gauge I use on my classical, guess it's "medium"?
  4. Well, Epi specs the Standards as having maple caps, though I probably am a little naive in believing that so easily... But in case the maple IS there, it would affect tone, right? Anyways, the Studio is a fine guitar with not so much bling, and if I AM mistaken(most likely I am... :-) the cosmetics would be the biggest difference... A lot of Epi players swap the original pickups anyway...
  5. I have a 2004 Chinese Studio, which I bought new after reading A LOT of reviews on it... With everything stock, it has a great sound, but not QUITE the Les Paul sound(Epi studios don't have the maple cap, which actually makes them closer to Customs than Standards -Customs are all mahogany and Standards have maple caps on mahogany backs-)... And I'll also add, the Studio is NOT bad at all, in fact it's a fine guitar!
  6. Sara Bareilles' band using a Jack Casady bass and a Casino. Watch it .
  7. I also wholeheartedly recommend the G400's sibling: The Les Paul Studio. The few people like me who have one, love it!
  8. From what I heard here, the Elitist is probably more guitar than you'll need in a while, perhaps you won't even need Duncans...
  9. I'm not sure, but doesn't Fender list under its own corporate name(FMIC) all its owned companies? Kaman Music Corporation is, as far as I know, unrelated to Fender... And it owns Ovation, Takamine, Gretsch Drums, Gibraltar and a couple others...
  10. Ivete Sangalo, the most popular singer here in Brazil(don't even get me started), performs live with that guitar: It's called a Les Paul acoustic unless I'm mistaken. Take a listen for yourselves: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2x4mQtZDm4s Would love one of those but in a VERY optimistic scenario I would just have to settle for a SST... cheers
  11. mi ho dimenticato... benvenuto al forum, Killmore! Dove sono le foto delle sue chitarre? :D (Welcome to the forum, Killmore! Where are the pictures of your guitars?) :D
  12. smerdlap Come non capisco niente di quello che loro dicono, anche parlo in un'idioma strano a tutti...
  13. thanks biff! In case it's required, I have a better photo of the LP(I'm not included, thankfully)...
  14. Here's mine... Not too much, but my Studio IS here, and it is in action... hehehe Just arriving at the forum after quite a bit of lurking around... Hope we can all get along well! cheers
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