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  1. Well, Epi specs the Standards as having maple caps, though I probably am a little naive in believing that so easily... But in case the maple IS there, it would affect tone, right? Anyways, the Studio is a fine guitar with not so much bling, and if I AM mistaken(most likely I am... :-) the cosmetics would be the biggest difference... A lot of Epi players swap the original pickups anyway...

  2. I have a 2004 Chinese Studio, which I bought new after reading A LOT of reviews on it... With everything stock, it has a great sound, but not QUITE the Les Paul sound(Epi studios don't have the maple cap, which actually makes them closer to Customs than Standards -Customs are all mahogany and Standards have maple caps on mahogany backs-)... And I'll also add, the Studio is NOT bad at all, in fact it's a fine guitar!

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