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  1. Hello ! Just Got my Epiphone Wilshire Limited Edition. You can not beat this guitar for 299.00. One of the most comfortable guitars ive played. Action and set up right out of the box was perfect. Tone is quite good compared to any other guitars ive owned. All electronics worked flawlessly. Best buy ive made in quite a while. The only thing they are on back order now until about 1/10/ 09 I wonder what the limited run is on the Wilshire 1000 pieces ?
  2. Im thinking..... ut row, I guess you could make your own out of PVC piping
  3. Dam sick guitar stand.Looks like someone got a hold of my old plumbing pipes.Im wondering if it rotates to the horizontal position.
  4. There's one on ebay, its one of the older Sheratons hmmm,Id bid if i had the cash
  5. Ive heard of ppl playing with their toes . Seriously there is not much you can do slow down the process, maybe its time to find another hobby even though you love playing.Sorry i have to be honest !
  6. hmmmmmm i seem to remember somewhere back in the not to distant past some saying some about a data base (not for parts ) but got the brush off this question has been answered a million times go away son im keeping score
  7. Where is the genuine Epiphone logo on back of head stock ?
  8. If it came directly from China, it's not an Epiphone. Epiphone, as far as I know, does not ship directly from the factory. Pafhead, the question you ask has been asked and answered many, many, times on this forum. If person can copy an Epiphone guitar, they can quite easily copy a serial #. So I'm not sure how you or anyone is going to be able to tell the difference between a "ligit" number and a bogus one. Buy your Epiphone from a reliable Epiphone dealer- that's the only way to guarantee it. Its really that simple, just buy from an Epiphone dealer What a revelation!:D/
  9. Does Epiphone have a data base where you can check to see if the S.N. is legit? If they dont why not??
  10. I had a beautiful all black Dot model. This guitar played like butter, sounds was great w/ no mods added.I played all kinds of music on the Dot including some metal
  11. I think Hells Belles is better musically (the guitarist rocks) Maybe combine the two bands,take singer from Whole lotta Rosies and put her in Hells Belles.=D>/
  12. http://www.gibson.com/en-us/Lifestyle/Features/YouTube%20Video%20of%20the%20Day_%20Batt/
  13. Sounds like you did a class A job. and looks awesome=d> Just an aside you might want to keep the org. parts.I know selling them will bring you some cash, but i have kicked myself for selling the org. parts. Cheers!
  14. Only thing about replacing the tuners w/ those new tuners: is it leaves the screw holes from the old tuners. No biggy but i like to keep my stuff as org. as possible w/ out signs of modification, but thats just me
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