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  1. I believe that Gibson USA offers tours, you might want to call to verify. Of course I got to take a tour but then again I was an employee at the time. :-)
  2. Good old Nashvegas... Been here for about 8 years, I can say it has become home.
  3. I have two guitars both are Epip's though.. les Paul Studio Chameleon, and a Masterbilt. :-)
  4. Also I would recommend taking the tour of the plants. It is great to see how everything is built. :-)
  5. 100% of all Gibson Guitars are made in the USA.
  6. Dont know, those mean moderators might ban me. :-0
  7. I am sure that I will check in, not sure if my account will get deleted or not.. I am going to be working for a Health care software company. Thanks for all the good wishes. J
  8. Ha, just for that your account has been deleted. Just kidding. hey turkey-sexer is an honest trade as well.
  9. I just wanted to let you all know that I have enjoyed supporting the forums and helping you all out when I could. I am going to be leaving Gibson for a different job opportunity. Please make sure that you forward any problems or questions to webmaster@gibson.com. It has been a real pleasure. Thanks, S
  10. I am sorry to report but the guitar has gone back to it home at the USA plant before I could get a picture of it next to another guitar. :-( ~S
  11. DeVeeWee, If you have a question you are more than welcome to ask me in a PM. I saw that a member was getting blamed for something, and many assumptions were being made. That is why I stated that he was not responsible for what happen. Thanks, S
  12. Going to lock this thread. Any objections please send me a PM. Thanks. S
  13. I also agree that it is a good time to move on. Thanks, ~S
  14. I would also like to say that Jocko did do a good job in some areas on the forum. I do believe that his efforts contributed to helping the forum come back on track. It is also because of him that we are doing the MOTM, and it should continue. Being a moderator is a thankless job, and everyone knows that. I believe that it can wear on the best of people. I even find that I have to remind myself to be objective in matters. I do hope that Jocko will return to being a contributor to the forum. Thanks -S
  15. This guitar is CRAZY!! We have a demo in the customer service area... MAN It is huge.. I am just wondering if some one has been able to plug on in and give it a go.
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