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  1. Thanks Dubstar...ill check it out! Theres just something about the Seymour Duncan Alnico pickups that i love... is it worth buying the pickups and putting them in an epiphone elitist, custom or standard etc. or should i jsut go for something more expensive in the first place?
  2. Thanks RotcanX! Currently im on my first guitar and to be honest i purchased the cheapest lefty available - a Stagg SG - and now that im advanced a great deal and a year and a half of the stagg i think its time for a better model. Obviously the Gibson LP is the dream guitar but an Epiphone is the most affordable guitar of good quality that ive tried out and the Slash Sig is just the one i was after but oh well.... ElectricLefty
  3. Hey guys...im new to the forum here. Does anybody know is a left handed model of the Slash Signature Epi LP for those of us who play left handed and cant quite afford the gibson model??? Any info is much appreciated ElectricLefty
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