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  1. I have the scaled down Atrist verion EJ200 although I have modified it slightly. I am very happy with it you cannot fault it for the price I paid £113 , I have not played a Regular EJ200 so I cannot compare the 2.
  2. Very nice Steve Lovely colour, Will take your advice in the IB64 definatley be getting one in the near future .
  3. Colin If I remember it came from All parts was a few years ago now back in 07 I originally fitted it my self which was a bad move I have just recently paid a Luthier to fix it properly. No great tunin problems played it for the the full 2nd half of a gig last Fri only had to tweek it once. That my old Korean Casino btw this is my cureent Japanese 1991 job
  4. Like your style Colin I have a 06 Special had the viola tailpiece fitted , It'sa great guitar thinking of getting some Burstbuckers fitted but in no rush for that.
  5. Very nice Colin, Is that a Sg Special?
  6. Frenchie Lovely guitars Must have missed you getting rid of the natural one ???? Why Any pics of the red one I after a red one sometime in the future prob after the IB 64 Texan Cheers Mark
  7. Saving the pennies for for IB Texan Dodger Got to have me one of those
  8. Very nice Dodge Lovin the EJ I got rid of mine to get the J-45 After a Texan next Packed in the fags mate in Guitar savin mood now
  9. Hi Mate It was bender for life who removed stickers mate The EJ 200 Artist which mine is just has Dot markers I had the Bridge and Scratch plate replaced with what is on now. I am not sure of the make of the pick Up I had a Pro do itand it cost £90, It has a pre amp fitted inside the hole near the neck. I am well pleased with the sound out of them both. Done acouple of solo acoustic gigs and well happy . The J-45 is my main guitar though. And Wiggy I am busy savin up for a IB 1964 Texan next for the collection with Shadow Nano system in it Ohh the guitars I can nbow get I have stopped the cigarettes
  10. Hi MorningGlory I recently got Ej200 Artist lovely guitar , They come without the Moustache Bridge and Crown Inlays and patterned Scratch plate. Although I have had a moustache Bridge and Scratch plate fitted to mine
  11. Hi Ross I put P90 's on my Cherry Dot Sounds great Re the Casino I was lucky enough to pick up a Japanese one a couple of years ago Had a Korean and a Chinese one and are both lovely guitars. Good luck Mark
  12. Hi Red The J-45 is a dream tp play had the action lowered slightly and sounds fantastic. The J 200 is only a month old and sounds great boomy bass sounds but is still a bit rough on my hands. I find the neck is a lot chunkier than the J-45. Still afterr the Inspired by Texan next. And Brian will dig the decent camera out later today
  13. Not the best pic but he are The Epi's
  14. How do Dodge We got to stop this mate Mark
  15. Hi Musikron The Moustache bridge is slightley larger than the plain one Hav e decided to get the luthier to do it Knowin my luck I will gouge the top Thanks for all the help
  16. Thanks for that And yeh wiggy spot on I am replacing the plain bridge that comes as standard on the Artist model Will let you know how it goes and get some pics up Thanks again Mark
  17. Hi ALL Has anyone had any experience of removing a bridge from one of the chinese made Acoustics? Reason for asking is I have got a Moustache Bridge to go on my J-200 Artist model but not sure how easy the factory fitted bridge will come off Thanks Mark btw it is a great guitar for the price
  18. Looking nice to me, Going to get a Insp 64 Texan soon Btw like your taste in music too Stay safe Mark
  19. Thanks for the replies re pick ups. The Casino is still the number 1 guitar a joy to play Recently aquiried a Epi Dot whichout PickUps so Fitted a pair of P90's I had of another Casino Sound nice Will have to add some pics of the little family
  20. Hi ALL been a long while since I posted but thought I would tell about my new J200 Artist model Got it as a back up to my Epi J 45 for Acoustic gigs but it could take the number 1 spot very impressed . Got to get a pick up fitted to it any suggestions? Many thanks Mark
  21. I agree the price is a bot steep It has been said on here before you can never recoup the money you spend upgrading your guitar. I sold my MIK casino recently with every thing changed on it but never got my money back. £550 Is only £50 less than I paid for my Japnese 92 Casino Naturally Weller lol
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