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  1. Certainly felt rounded and I loved it, but then I like big necks. So even though I prefer the pickups on the 17, and the locking tuners, I could always put those on 16 and would rather have then neck I like. Thanks!
  2. Does the 2017 have a thinner neck? Because I played a 2016 Standard T at Sam Ash recently and loved how it felt as if the neck was somewhat chunkier than I remembered mine having back int h 60s. Are they changing that? Thanks TH
  3. I tried an SG Standard T yesterday and it was great. Then the salesman showed me the more expensive HP version and pointed out the smoother neck joint where it meets the body. I could care less really, but I got to wondering, my first serious guitar when I was a kid was a 1964 SG Standard (vibrola)......which of the 2016 neck joints would more closely resemble what a vintage one had? Thanks much
  4. Great to hear. If you go on Gibson.com and read the comments under the picture of this guitar, that's where I heard most of the things I mentioned. Spoke to my dealer though and he agree with you, said they were great.
  5. On the one hand it looks great and the price is right, but I have started hear stories about QC issues. 1 Grounding issues (noise) 2 Tuning Issues (bad tuners made of plastic ....(hey I thought they always WERE made of plastic) 3 Glue showing, etc. Are there big problems with this model this year? I was very interested in getting one but now I don't know. Thanks Tom
  6. Thanks Much! Yes I really like 57 Classics, I had a Les Paul Traditional with them at one point and it was the classic Gibson sound to my ears...the one I had grown up with. I was surprised Gibson made a "real" guitar at this price level, so I think the new SG is a heck of a bargain. I played one at Sam Ash the other day though...a 2016...and I immediately thought "if I get this I'm putting 57 Classics in it" so that's probably what I will do. Does anyone have any recommendations for locking tuners that will fit the 2016? Thanks again
  7. I'm thinking of getting one of the new 2016 SG Standards with the spot tail. I think the price is amazingly good. My first real guitar was a 1964 SG Standard (MAYBE it was 1965).....and what I am wondering is....what pickups today would be closest in sound to those of the 64-65 era SGS? I've always liked 57 Classics and wonder if they would be most appropriate for that sound. Seems like pickups today are way hotter. Thanks Tom
  8. Hey I'm back! Yes still need locking tuners for my 2014 Traditional. So these would fit? Please give me a holler if you still have them....that would be great! oceantracks@mac.com (Tom Hartman) Thanks!
  9. I don't really want to start a big debate over locking tuners, I really like them, and would like to replace the stock tuners on my new 2014 Traditional with locking tuners that will look somewhat correct anyway, and fit the guitar with no alterations. Anyone know which I should be looking at? And now here's a real dumb question.....for the mechanically challenged, is this something I could do, or must I take it to the shop? Thanks so much, Tom
  10. Thanks so much. Feels great to have an LP again!
  11. Here's a quick shot of it.... I think the dealer....someone I do a lot of business with and not the typical online dealer....already gave me a rock'n deal so I'm not going to ask. It will just have to be my little sword to bear. Meanwhile, I use this guitar for recording only, and so far, adding it to tracks, and replacing tracks originally done on a Strat, is an...ear opening ...experience. I just love the sound of this thing. I forgot how sonically huge they can be lol thanks all! Tom
  12. Took delivery on a 2014 LP Traditional today, from an out of town dealer I use. The guitar is BEAUTIFUL, and right out of the box plays like a dream....first time I've ever had that happen with a Gibson. I've had it a few hours and just now noticed something weird....the "N" of Gibson on the headstock is faded out..... The guitar is so perfect I would not want to return it. But has anyone seen this before?
  13. Well it looks like I will be getting a different guitar anyway, as I have found I can get a better price, and at the same time, I am developing a fascination with Honey Burst! Kind of has a vintage look that old guys like me probably are comfortable with. ;) Let you know what happens this week! Thanks for all the input, it's nice to know where others sit on this issue....
  14. Been wanting a Traditional for awhile now, and have had my eye on either the new Ocean Blue color or the Tobacco Burst. Visited a Sam Ash tonight near me to see what they had, but they didn't have either of those....they DID have a Heritage Cherry, which to me is nice but almost a cliche LP look. I tried it out, and it was just so perfect for me I couldn't believe it. Set up great, played like butter and just sounded so big and open and clear..... "We can order the any color you want" they said, of course....but I might just get this one. It got me to wondering how many other peop
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