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  1. Oh, that goes without saying. But if said dad was shopping for a guitar for his son, and the purist wood model was 5000 dollars (which may not be beyond the realm of possibilities if raw material costs continue to rise) and the composite wood model was 500 dollars and the manufacturer was able to offer an improved warranty because of the qualities of the composite..... All I can say is if I was banking on doing business based on units sold with lower costs....well.....
  2. I'm wondering if in 5-10 years this whole wood debate will be as applicable in terms of tone since the arrival of nanotechnology.....(So, technically in 5-10 years you could see some sort of weird wood composite being used in guitars that is nano-treated for greater density....especially if the cost of lumber and wood as a whole continues to rise in conjunction with environmental groups pushing to reduce the amount of wood being harvested from forests.)
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