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  1. Eh, to be honest you might be better off as a heroin addict. Hahahahah....
  2. IT's sort of related, and I know there's other products out there, but a general question.... Recently, I took a friend's 12 string and fixed it up for her. The strings I ended up putting on it was a set of Exilers. (hope I'm spelling that right.) I noticed that they were nano-coated. And the reason I got those was because of a suspicion she probably wouldn't change her strings in a couple of years. Does anyone use nano coated strings on their electrics? Do they last longer? And does anyone know what those nano-bots will do long term once they strart to work under your skin?
  3. I have a bottle of those Dunlop string cleaners. The only time I find myself using that stuff is if I haven't picked up the guitar in a while. (That, and that finger ease stuff...)
  4. The TonePros bridge made a big difference on my LP custom. I don't know if it will do much for my standard though. (But then again, the stop bar was very snug going down....so snug that I'm not sure the bar can even be moved at all....even w/o the allen locks.)
  5. It's like having different flavors of your favorite food. Besides, at the end of the day, a person more times often than not is going to be attracted to a certain type of guitar....even if they have one of everything.
  6. LP Standard Plus is a better deal than the Custom. And if you're not picky about binding or extras? The Studio!
  7. I've sort of bitten it off by...upgrading.....a lot....
  8. HAPPY NEW UPGRADE DAY!! Final upgrades (well, almost final) to the Custom, and thanks to all who chewed on each item addressed. First...a shot... And, I don't even know if this guitar barely qualifies as an Epiphone anymore. It was rougher than I thought (some pieces were really, really snug) but it's done. Tally... Sperzel Locking Tuners (18:1) Bone Nut Gibson Burstbucker Pro pickups TonePros System II bridge and stop bar Replacement pots (and a note to lefties...Gibson makes pots for lefties that work in the opposite direction...Epiphone doesn't.) And no, not Gi
  9. I'd like to see the ZW custom model that has a maple neck and fingerboard put out in a natural finish. I bet that would look sweet!
  10. I'd just do it. I did a pickup test in my Epi Standard recently. Changed 2 sets of pickups 6 times while trying different combinations. I ended up blowing a 500k pot for the volume, but that's a 5 dollar fix. Fun stuff.
  11. I like the neck profile of the custom.....(so it's my favorite guitar to actually play...even like it better than the '59 profile on my Gibson.) But I still think the Standard Plus is a better deal...
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