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  1. What a horrible guitar! I can't imagine anyone over 12 who thinks that sort of thing looks cool! It has zero class to say the least!
  2. I'm not really into blue guitars - but that one is seriously nice!
  3. Yeah - this is sort of the the feeling tha I had - I can accept that the Elitists probably are better- but not that much better than justifies such a massive incerase in price (in the UK at least), often twice as much! The solid body guitars I can understand what with some of the garbage coming out of China. But my upgraded Samick is definitely good enough for all the slimline needs I can forsee!
  4. I would love to try an Elitist Sheri, but, alas, Epiphones are dropping out of many UK guitar shops faster than you can set a Fender on fire! Due to Gibson going independent and the prohibitive demands they make on shops who want to stock their guitars (40% floor space dedicated to Gibson family guitars - very large minimum stock orders etc) the only guitars I see in my local guitar shops that say Gibson or Epiphone on the headstock are second hand trade ins. It is a shame - because back in '96 when I started playing guitar I used to love to see them hanging in the shops - they made me GAS real bad!! I've never even seen an Epiphone Elitist - of course as I have complained about before on here - neither Epiphone or Gibson bothered to turn up at the London Guitar Show - so I couldn't even see them there! Maybe they just don't want to sell guitars here anymore - they certainly act that way. And don't get me started on the trans-Atlantic price difference! I think they send them over here on gold-plated planes or something!!! Anyway - back on track - thanks for the input - it really was a genuine question rather than any judgement. I'd like an Elitist of some kind one day as I am a big Epiphone fan. I just need to find a shop that sells them first...!
  5. Yeah I know about the difference in pickups as I said at the beginning of the thread, but if that was the main difference then I can't really see that I'd ever choose an Elitist Sheraton over the regular one. The difference in price doesn't seem to be justified that much, and I'm very happy with my Sheraton II with Gibson PAFs in. I don't believe that an Elitist would sound better than that (although I of course could be wrong!). I'd never knock anyone for getting an Elitist Sheraton, but for me I couldn't justify that extra £££.
  6. Cool thanks for that - anyone have any views on the Elitist Sheraton? I love my Sheraton II and it has a way nicer neck (in my opinion) than a Dot (which to me is a mroe budget thinline than a Casino or Sheraton II). I guess that centre block will make a good difference like you say on the Elitist.
  7. Ok, so I know Elitists are really good etc. And I can appreciate how the difference in materials with the solid body guitars can really make a difference. But my question is here that is there the same amount of difference with the archtops? As mentioned in several other threads, I have found that generally the Casinos, Sheraton IIs etc seem to be of a more consistent standard, and also of a higher standard than most solidbody Epiphones - I know this is certainly the case in my collection. So - what with there being more "craftsmanship" in the semi hollow Epiphones - is the difference between a normal Sheraton or Casino compared to its Elitist brother the same as with Les Pauls etc? I know that my Sheraton II is brilliant - especially after a pickup upgrade (I can see how they would be better on an Elitist obviously), and I can't see many ways in which it'd be improved. But I am not saying that Elitists are not worth having by any degree! I just wondered if anyone out there with access to more guitars than me could fill me in a bit! Many thanks!
  8. Hey there, the main reason that I put that shielding in my Flying V was because... I had a roll of it and no other use for it! I replaced the pickguard, the original one had a strip of shielding which ran along where all the pots and switch and jack were, so I thought when I put my new pickguard on I'd just put a strip of the copper tape on. However I then decided to put a little more on... and then more until I thought I may as well finish teh reel off and make the inside look more interesting, and if it helps the sound of the guitar by 0.1% then that is a bonus. It's just for fun really - and look - it got people talking so I am happy!
  9. I would think that seeing as the switch is located on top of the pickguard it is going to be hollow at least at that part to accomodate the switch and wiring.
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