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  1. you're a fortunate duck. i've always wanted one, but never really needed one, so i couldn't justify the purchase. then they left. had some close calls on ebay, but i've managed to avoid them. see if you can get the original knobs back on. not sure why people take them off, i think they are neat.
  2. if you aren't into all this do it yourself business (great job, by the by), callaham offers their version here: click here, then scroll down a little bit i've had one sitting on a shelf for about a year now. i'll get to it, i swear.
  3. i went .15/.22 in the les paul and .22/.22 in the mini hum sheraton and casino using rs guitarworks parts. pleased with all three.
  4. mine is roughly 1 5/8ths, according to the old tape measure. not a problem, but if you have chubby fingers or perhaps play really bunchy chords, you'll notice. if you change guitars a lot you may have the slightest of adjustment periods. sometimes you'll notice your fingers being just a touch "off" for some inexplicable reason. but again, it isn't really an issue, and certainly not a deal breaker. i capo all the time without trouble, as well. anything thinner would probably be unacceptable, at least in my case, as a primarily rhythm player. maybe for lead guys its different. all th
  5. curious about the label- was this a second? and is that the original case? hard to say. don't know much about this model. but i'd like to.
  6. a sliver of toothpick in the nut slot should raise the offending string enough to keep it quiet until you get it to a tech.
  7. i have one already and i'm still a huge pervert, too. i'm still mad i didn't pick up a cheap broadway when i had the chance(s). i had a few rare-ish mij broadways staked out on ebay for some time, but i couldn't bring myself to do it. as much as i love a deal, i just don't need one. already have a byrdland and i don't even play jazz. but still, i want one.
  8. shim. shim hard and shim now. seriously. your casinos and voxes demand it. the bridge on my elitist casino was noticeably weaker in both volume and tone than the neck pup. at the board's behest, i did some experimentation with cut up pieces of a mouse pad. rolling back the neck to compensate just means both of your pups sound bad. shimming would release their maximum tonal awesomeness, all the more important with your gibson p90s. i ended up ordering the lollar shims and while i was upset about paying more for shipping than i did for the parts, it was totally worth it. i had t
  9. please, tell us what you think about the guitar. i've not read a personal account of one here, as far as i can recall. while i can't abide the dice, i do think they are pretty neat. love the finishes, which is one of my larger gripes with the other mij epis- stock, boring colors. been sweet on wine red for a long, long time.
  10. although i have and use several options, as noted above, paint is just fine. if i only have a pic or two, i can pull them off the camera, dump them on the desktop, resize and save as jpeg in paint. takes a minute or so. i'm using win7 and the resize button is right on the home tab- you don't even have to go looking for it anymore. you'll have to experiment with the percentage to shrink your pics based on your camera settings. for more advanced photo editing (for utter lay people) google's picasa works very well, couldn't be simpler and is free. you can crop your pics and fix up the li
  11. yeah, i know, but i swear i didn't make it up. someone at the shop must have swapped it for a stationary chet wire one, like a gretsch 6122-1959 (which comes with both). it didn't move. it just stuck straight out and ran parallel to the strings. which is fine if you're a finger style player (like chet), but didn't work at all for me. its just in the way.
  12. i didn't mean "gretschy" as in a filtertron, just closer somehow to that sound than a regular humbucker. it being a super secret humbucker that no other guitar could have, i got to wondering. gunners description make it sound like something i might have liked, the elitist bridge pickup is too hot for my taste. always thought they were neat guitars, but i couldn't justify one when i've seen them on ebay. saw one once in a store many moons ago and i played it unplugged for a few minutes. didn't hate it, but they but the stationary arm on the bigsby and between that and the nut width, i didn
  13. definitely going the mousepad route after checking ebay. they were more expensive there, they made the lollars seem like a good deal. that should be enough to get the guitar to a useable place, where i can assess it further and what i can do to and with it. i was always curious about the pups in the chet model. never heard them before, and always kinda had a sweet spot for the guitar. are they some how gretschier than normal hums?
  14. i should note that mine is an elitist. (i imagine) the pickups sound nice. i'd like to give them a fair shot, hence the shimming. a quick peek reveals a pair of the famed and mysterious epiphone usa ep90s in there. i was wondering if the covers were the same quality, dimensions and alloy/material in the event that i don't care for the pups. i'd much rather have new ones built into a new set of covers than reuse these covers and let the perfectly good guts go to waste. looks like the neck is a 1/4" away with the pole pieces more or less flush, and the bridge is also 1/4" away, but
  15. art, that was a joy to behold. the mini'd sheraton is my favorite guitar and i've often dreamt of having an old one, to see what the fuss is about. the riviera would have been the (slightly more) attainable version of that dream, but the secret seems to be out on them, as well. prices are way higher than i seem to remember (or like). what kind of amp and recording method did you use?
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