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  1. Before i bought the Epiphone SG- 400 since its low price of 299$. But i loved the feel of the Les Paul but it was 450. this weekend tho it was on sale at my local guitar center for 349$ so i traded my SG in for this and payed the extra 50 dollars. Any opinions on whether i made the right choice and how different these guitars actually are?
  2. I got the SG and it is AWESOME.It feels great and sounds so nice with my style of play ( AC/DC). Thankyou everyone for the help
  3. Hello i currently am struggling with deciding on an epiphone guitar. My choices are Epiphone Limited Edition 1966 G-400 Electric Guitar for 299$. With Alnico Humbucker pickups. Or a Epiphone Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar for 299$. With hot open-coil humbuckers. Whats the difference in the guitar pickups, which do you prefer, and what would you consider the overall better choice?
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