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  1. hi all, I ve been wishing i could play since I was 12 ...just bought my 3rd guiitar a stunning wine red LP studio custom (gold hw) When I hit the big 40 my sons got interested in playing an instrument and I thought it would be a good idea to spend some time bonding. I started taking lessons and am almost at the point where people can take their fingers out of their ears when I play. But I am having a great time learning and the 3 of us have something in common we can talk about. The great thing is I remember all the songs we are trying to play. good to know I am in great company
  2. Oz$ to US$ at the moment is almost 1:1 but an epi LP Studio is $300 in the US and $600 in Oz. So not quite the same saving as a Harley but it does feel like the Oz dealers are taking the p*ss
  3. Ron I like the way you think...but one broad affecting my guitar time is enough. Had a quick look at shipping cost for a guitar sized package and it would cost the same as a US guitar $300 and $300 for shipping customs etc = price here in Oz
  4. Hi Guys, I have moaned about the excruciating cost of the Epi’s in Australia and have seen others feel the same pain here and in other countries too. I was wondering if anyone has a cost effective alternative to buying their guitar locally. Has anyone gone to the source and bought it from the country of manufacture how was your experience? Just bought a guitar from a country other than there own? any warrantee issues? What should I be careful of? Recommend any music shops that you have dealt with that provided a good service. How did you ship the guitar and was it worth the cost? Ok
  5. WTF - I am looking for a new guitar and have my eye set on a LP Studio wine red or camelion and the price here in Oz starts at around the $600 mark with the Oz $ and the US $ almost 1:1 how can they be half the price in the US? Why are Epiphone or the dealers ripping us off here aaagggrrr ?
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