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  1. Hi everyone, Many thanks for the replies. I still haven't purchased a 12 string (there's always something else like a portable multitrack to which the money seems to get diverted), but based on what has been said here, I will give the DR 212 serious consideration. Thanks, once again, gvdv.
  2. Hi efduncan, Thanks for this. Yes, I regularly scour craigslist and kijiji and other sites like them for opportunities to get a good 12 string relatively cheaply. Unfortunately, I have been pipped at the post on a couple of occasions now, but I think that these sites are probably the best way to go about this. I am in a similar situation to yourself in that I would like to have a 12 string, but would not play it that often and so cannot justify to myself spending a lot of money on a 12 string. Thanks once again for the reply. Gvdv
  3. Hi Everyone, Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm still following up a few of them, and will let you know what I end up doing. Gvdv
  4. Thanks Tim. I had a look at some reviews of a Mitchell 12 string a while ago, and wasn't very impressed, but will take another look. Thanks once again, gvdv.
  5. Ah, I see where you're coming from, Pete.R.. Not sure if the DR 212 is the 12 string version of the DR 200 CE. Thanks for the tip about the Godin having a 46mm (i.e., wide) neck. I don't like wide necks, but can cope with them if the action is low, and if the neck is thin (i.e., not chunky - the Casino is a good example of what I mean by a thin neck). Will keep you posted about what I decide. gvdv
  6. Hi bloozeguy, Thanks for this. I'm in Canada (Toronto), and have experienced a lot of difficulty in with delivery companies, especially with stuff coming from the U.S. (which is where I presume you are), so thanks for the offer, but I think that I will continue to look locally. Pete.R, Thanks for your reply, too, but the DR 200CE is a 6 string and I'm looking for a 12 string; does that guitar also come in a 12 string version? I can't find any evidence of that. Thanks, guys. gvdv
  7. Thanks Fringe Lunatic and bloozeguy, I will follow up on your suggestions. gvdv.
  8. Hi bloozeguy, Many thanks for your reply, and for your comments on the DR 212. I was really hoping that I could get a 12 string fairly cheaply, as it's only something that I would use once in a blue moon. Are there any recommendations that you would have within my budget range? Thanks, gvdv
  9. Does anyone here have any opinions on the Epi DR 212 acoustic 12 string? I'm looking for a 12 string that I will play occasionally, and don't really want to shell-out $400 or so, which is the amount that I'm thinking I'll have to spend to get something really decent. I know that the DR 212 is very cheap, but have read mostly wonderful reviews about the guitar (although there does seem to be an inconsistency in the quality of the instrument, with the minority of people getting a 'lemon'). I do like a low action, so if I were to buy the guitar and have to have the action lowered, would this be counter productive in terms of price? Is it worth me considering the 212 at all? Thanks, gvdv.
  10. Hi, I have the Boss Micro BR, which I bought a couple of years ago. Here's a link Boss Micro BR The unit is incredibly small: it will fit into a shirt pocket, and is only a little too heavy to go walking around with in one's pocket like this (also, of course, you need to protect it). I have been very impressed by the recording quality. The internal condenser microphone is especially noteworthy - I find that the 'colour' that it adds to my thin sounding voice is fantastic. The built-in reverb is also wonderful (at least to my ears). The main drawbacks for me are that the unit has a somewhat counter-intuitive menu system (but once one learns it, things go much quicker of course), and the boatload of Boss effects (mostly guitar effects - you can plug a 1/4" jack into the unit). I just dislike Boss effects, that's all. While I think that I would probably get along better with the Tascam equivalent (the DP 004) in terms of ergonomics, the Tascam is significantly larger than the Boss. Of course, the economical size of the Micro BR means that you can't reach out and turn an analog knob, like you can on the Tascam, because all of the control settings on the Boss MBR are accessed via buttons, but this is a necessary compromise. I have just thought that I am going to try to hook the MBR up to my DAW and try to take advantage of the microphone that way - however, I suspect that this will not be possible, because the unit lacks a true output - one can only export the finished recording via USB, and I suspect that the unit is not capable of passing a live signal from the microphone straight through and out to an external recorder. Not sure if the Tascam can do this, either.
  11. Just a couple of pieces of information in case you should also decide to go the Casino route at any point and be worried about feedback. First, I was very worried before I got my Made in China Casino about 15 months ago, because all I had read suggested that the instrument would be prone to feedback. Well, I started using it immediately in a live situation (small-ish, but fairly loud, coffee bar) and I had no problems whatsoever. I'm not discounting others' experience with this, but I was surprised that there was never a hint of feedback. Second, anticipating some feedback, I had contacted a fellow in the U.S. who makes foam inserts to plug the f-holes, in order to cut down or eliminate feedback. He has his customers make a tracing of the f-holes, and send them to him (there are instructions on his website). Unfortunately, I don't have his contact information to hand, but I'm sure that somebody here knows of this fellow. Hope this is helpful.
  12. I originally had a plan to buy a natural Elitist after I had bought a 'regular' Korean (but it turned out be Chinese) burst. However, I love my burst so much that I have so far been content to stick with it, and I'd even go so far as to say that if I had my druthers, I'd get Elitist versions of both the burst and the natural. I find it interesting that most people who have posted above tend to associate the natural with JL, rather than the burst or the white incarnation of his Casino - I tend to think of all three when I think of him and the Casino.
  13. I use light gauge strings on my stringed instruments because of reptitive strain injuries, and I string my Casino with a modified set of D'Addario XL 'Nickel Wound Super Light' .009's. The modification I make is to take the .009 off and substitute a .010 because the .009 is just too thin (i.e., it lacks tone), and a couple have broken on me. I find the low E (.042) a bit 'boomy', so may experiment with buying a thinner gauge E, or perhaps using an extra A (which in this set is a .032). Although I have never really found D'Addario to be to my taste before, I have to say that they really add a dimension to the Casino's sound that I didn't find with a couple of other makes that I tried before I found the D'Addarios.
  14. I don't have the mp GT1, but you might want to try the Tascam forums to see if you can get some help Tascam Forums All the best, gvdv
  15. Hi Darren and AnthemBassMan, Many thanks for the replies; lots of food for thought here; I think I'll start to try out some G400's this weekend. All the best, gvdv
  16. Hi Beatlenut and Darren, Thanks very much for your replies. Beatlenut; good to know that you feel the stock pickups that come with the G400 will do the job without being replaced (I haven't yet played the G400, so have just assumed that they would need to be swapped out). And yes, I know that the Fabs 'only' used the SG on a few tracks (apparently some of 'Revolver', too), but that nevertheless 'qualifies' it as a Beatles guitar. Darren, thanks for your suggestions, and for posting the photo of your G400. Can you say what your reasons were for making the upgrade to your G400 and why you went with two 57 Classics, instead of a Classic and a Classic Plus? I suppose that part of my motivation for thinking that I will upgrade the pickups when I get a G400 is that my understanding from what I have read is that the 57 Classics are closer to the sound of the '61 SG than the stock, Alnico V humbuckers are. Is this not the case? Also I notice that the G400 photo here on the Epiphone website shows the guitar without a maestro whammy bar assembly, and I'm presuming that one would have to add the maestro as an 'extra'/special order, or pick one up with a maestro already added, as Darren appears to have done. Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks, once again, gvdv
  17. Hi Sjael, Many thanks for the reply. I'm not really that concerned about the look (I'd say that that's about 5% important to me); it's the sound I'm going for, and I was mainly wondering about how possible it would be to get that sound and how to go about it. Thanks, once again,
  18. In that case' date=' you'll also need to invest in an SG '61, a Gretsch 6120, and a Strat!
  19. Hi, I have a bit of GAS, and was thinking of adding an SG to my guitar ‘collection’. Essentially, I want to get as close to the 1964 SG Standard that George Harrison bought in 1966, and that he used on Beatles’ sessions on-and-off until 1969. For more information and a photo, see this link George Harrison's SG '61 The problem is that I just can’t afford the SG that would be closest to George’s (either a ’61 reissue, or Standard Reissue with Maestro Vos – both guitars are similar in some ways to his, and are different in other ways). So, I would be interested in hearing the opinions of everyone here about the following questions: 1. Would it be physically possible to mod an Epiphone SG 400? 2. Would it be financially worth it to do so (i.e., would modifying a G400 create a guitar which would approximate the sound and feel of George’s guitar?) Regarding the first question above, I know nothing about the physical size/settings of the spacing for the tuners and pickups on the original 1964 custom in relation to the G400 (for example, I wonder if would it be possible to simply replace the G400’s Alnico V humbuckers with either the The ’57 Classic and ’57 Classic Plus, which are found on the ’61 Reissue, or the Burstbucker 1 and Burstbucker 2 pick-ups that are featured in the Standard Reissue with Maestro Vos). Any opinions will be gratefully received. Many thanks,
  20. Hi Everyone, Thanks very much for your replies. GVDV
  21. Hi Folks, I haven't posted here in a while, and apologize for asking this question, but - as has been the case for as long as I have been on these forums - the 'search' function never works for me. Are Elitist Casinos still being sold by Epiphone? I know someone in the U.K. who is interested, and was wondering if they're still being made. I'm quite pleased with my 'ordinary's Chinese Casino, although I, too, would like an Elitist at some point. Thanks, GVDV
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