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  1. I'm pretty sure Raptor's avatar was a LP Elegant, although this one is very similar. I think the Elegants had ebony fretboards.
  2. I'm staying in both places. I like it here, there, the everythingsg forum and the mlp forum. But, I'm not very active in the everythingsg forum or the mlp forum. So, most of the time, I split it up between the new forum and here. I like them both very much.
  3. That definately is a LP Doublecut. The SG has horns, not rounded edges. Plus, there has never been a stock SG with that kind of pickguard. Also, every guitar in the Junior series has 1 P90, never 2.
  4. I think it would be a bad idea, because the SG is something that looks cool, and if you get two necks on it, the EDS-1275 looks cool. I always think of the Les Paul for it's beauty, not because it looks cool. There's a difference between looking cool and being beautiful. The Les Paul also looks clean and not bad-***. But if there was a double neck Les Paul, it would take away the beauty from the Les Paul. It would just make it look weird. You see, the SG is kind of a radical design (not really, but it is somewhat). The Les Paul is not a radical design at all. So making it a double neck wo
  5. Isn't that because the little piece under the binding is still part of the maple top?
  6. Eh... my computer gets a LITTLE slower but that's it... it's kinda weird how fast my computer is, because it's a 2004 eMac, and it runs on Verizon DSL. And it's REALLY fast. Maybe it's because I only live like 30 miles from the Verizon DSL HQ (or whatever it's called) near us....?
  7. Sadly, no, I don't know where it's made, but I'll look it up tonight.
  8. The problem is that Jimi Hendrix made your amp have that weird sound since you were bashing his thread! I knew something like this was going to happen!!!!
  9. Thunder. We all know you're actually still GASsing over the Brian May Signiature. Hehe..... if that Vox is cheaper than $800, get it. But if it's more than $800, get the Brian May Signiature. The Brian May Signiature is only $800!
  10. And note how, suspiciously, the abbrieviation VOS is VERY close to the abbrieviation POS.
  11. I clip 'em, because otherwise, they start hitting other strings that are already vibrating and it makes weird sounds. Sometimes, if I don't cut the strings, the tips of the strings start hitting my fingers when I'm playing the lower frets. Once I left the strings uncut on my Epiphone and it started scratching up the headstock, so I cut them. And the reason everyone else has mentioned, leaving the strings uncut makes the guitar look sloppy. I wonder why everyone else only has 1 reason why they cut their strings, but I have 4....... maybe I'm just really unlucky with my uncut strings?
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