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  1. Hmm. Could you fix that by replacing the bridge? What kind of tonal difference am I looking at?
  2. This would work right? You take some guitar like a les paul jr that has a wrap around bridge, then you stick a casino - style trapeze tailpiece on it. It would work, right?
  3. Epiphone made a 12 string les paul model in 2000 or 2001. Still, it's cool that he did it.
  4. Also, is there any way to fix a scratch that's in the clear coat? Mods I'm thinking about: - Getting a new pick guard and putting a P90 in the neck - Refinishing the body, dying the wood black, then applying an oil finish - Direct mounting the pickups - All black hardware - ??? My other guitars are les paul models, so it's cool having something more metal. And there's no logo on the headstock. But it just doesn't feel like it's really mine right now.... I need to rip it apart and put it back together again.
  5. I've had a b stock 58 reissue for about a year now and I don't play it as much as my other guitars. It has new tuners and a couple hardware upgrades, but also a few scratches in the clear coat. There's two things I'm thinking of doing: 1. Selling it. 2. Modding it to hell. If I sold it, and used epiphone V's go for $400 in my area, how much do you think I can get for it since it's B stock? If I mod it, what mods would be cool with a V if I'm not worried about resale value? Thanks in advance!
  6. The amp makes the biggest difference to your sound. Pickups will make a big difference too though, but moving from a bad amp to a good amp will make a bigger difference from switching out bad pickups for good pickups. If you have killer pickups in your guitar that's great, but your amp has the final say.
  7. Quality isn't priced linearly. I would like to see an 8 string Epiphone. I don't really care about the body shape, I just want an 8 string Epiphone.
  8. I just measured the nut width on my Epiphone and it's 1 10/16" (41mm). Are all Epiphones like this? I always took it for granted that they were 1 11/16".
  9. Play them both unplugged and trust your ears. The Invader has a hyped bass end, so I would put the Invader in the brighter guitar.
  10. Looking on the specs on the stormbird, I didn't realize Eastwood had started to make Gibson copies. It's made out of basswood so it will sound nothing like a Gibson or Epiphone. If you want a Gibson sound, I think you'll be very disappointed with this guitar.
  11. They feel and sound like cheap guitars. There's nothing that sets them apart from other oriental guitars except they have funky looks inspired by Italian glam-rock. They're made with basswood and I've found they have a very empty, flavourless sound. They're also overpriced. The P90s that some of them come with are junk pickups that sound nothing like P90s. Eastwoods aren't horrible guitars. There's just nothing impressive about them except the look, and I don't like the look so I'll never buy one.
  12. The pickups look like the ones in my late 60's Aria.
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