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  1. Check out Guitar Fetish. Most of the cats here would agree that they have great gear for the money. http://store.guitarfetish.com/pickups.html I'm sure you'll get some replies telling you not to bother, and pooping on the LP Special, but at these prices, why not replace the pickups? Good luck.
  2. Amen, Mr. Lister. I view the forum occasionally, get some good tips and sometimes say Hi to a few folks. It'll probably be a few weeks until I'm back... ... but I recall one of those two cats bragged about 1700 posts here. Ha ha! Is that supposed to be a good thing? This forum must be a huge part of their lives. No wonder they like seeing us react. This sort of thing must be their equivalent of going out to a party or a show. Well, that's enough from me. It's been amusing, if not informative, this time.
  3. Ha ha! This forum has really gone to hell, if this is the kind of stuff I'm reading after being away for awhile. An Epiphone forum, for me, was to discuss the products they sell, have sold, might sell... whatever. These two whiners about modern Epis make me laugh. Why do they care so much? Too much time on your hands guys? How about playing more guitar? I've gotten a lot of good tips and information on this forum, and manage to avoid the silly spats, but I wanted to chime in on this one. I bet these two goofs (gooves?) ... who is it, Nelson and Marx-something... I bet these
  4. I bought an SG Special ("G-310 Special") because I wanted the little amp and gig-bag that came in the package, for a friend. I could have bought him a gig-bag and a 10 watt amp for about the same price, so I naturally figured "What the hell, I'll just keep the little guitar." It soon became one of my two favourites. The tuners on this one are NOT bad. I will probably replace them with Grovers maybe, something with a higher number-to-number ration (whatever that's called), and I plan to put a nicer pickup from Guitar Fetish in there, and maybe also an intonatable bridge. Still, these mods w
  5. I have two Juniors (Epi LP and Epi SG) but I also have the EB-O bass. I try to play the bass most of all, because that's my main thing. But the guitars: Such a difference in feeling and sound, even between these two cheapies! The necks are different, the pickups sound very different (P-90 in the older LP Junior, stock humbucker in the SG) and each time I play one of them, I think that it feels the best. Until I pick up the other one.... I DO feel that any more guitars would take away from my playing experience with these two, however. There is something about knowing every quirk, ever
  6. Oh, and my understanding of single-coil (Jazz example used above) and Humbuckers: Single coil pickups have a 'less fat' sound (? ja?), and Humbuckers (developed to cancel or 'buck' the hum noise made by some single coils) tend to have a fatter sound. I think that's the general rule, probably with some exceptions.
  7. Hey, If you like the look of SGs, and want a short scale, I highly recommend the EB-O. A very simple rock-solid chunk of bass. I've had one for several years and love it. http://www.guitar.com.au/guitars/bass/epiphone/EB-O.htm
  8. I totally agree about the guitar stand. If your instrument is easily accessible, you will play it more. Another tip: Prepare to shock yourself. Not literally. But I can recall many times when I was trying to learn something and I thought "Wow. I give up. My hands just don't move that far, or that fast. I might as well try to fly." But a couple of weeks or months later, you'll find you're doing things that you never would have expected. Enjoy!
  9. I'm also 'low on the gas scale' as someone else here wrote. I have a Hohner acoustic (awesome and quite old), my Yamaha bass (lent/given to a friend, far away), and my EB-O bass, which I play every day. I also have the two Epi Juniors (G-310 and LP). The thing about regularly playing the same two guitars (and one bass) is that awesome feeling of familiarity. I know every curve, bump, minor fault, ding, and sweet spot on these 3 Epis. My hands have been all over them, I've worn them down in comfortable places... they are mine. If I had 20 guitars I don't think I'd ever get used t
  10. I love the Chinglish! "Noble spruce wooden makes the red electronic guitar" Ha ha! I once saw an ad for an Asian guitar store. It said "DO YOU FEEL ENJOY? THEN LET"S ROCK WITH US!" (I hope to work that into a song someday.)
  11. Hey again, Someone (epilover9568) posted this link last month. I knew that cool headstock looked familiar. Click the link and scroll down... down... you'll see it... http://forums.weebls-stuff.com/showthread.php?p=1849382 ~Dietrich.
  12. Someone posted a picture here of an Epi LP with a similar headstock. It was from the late 80s or early 90s, I think. Sorry, I can't remember the name of the thread, but if I do, I'll direct you over to it.
  13. My EB-O headstock wants to point toward the floor when I let go of the neck, but I've never understood why this is a problem. It's never like I have to wrestle with it, or even make an effort. With my fingers on the fretboard, the neck in my hand, all is well. I suppose if I wanted to pose for a photo with it, and hold my fretting hand up in the air or something, this might be a problem. But that scenario doesn't really come up. I do notice that my beer bottle will also fall towards the floor when I let go of it. (ha ha, sorry, I don't mean to sound like a smart-a$$.)
  14. Hey rsc277 (original poster), You might get a new truss rod cover through your local music store, or trying to contact Epiphone/Gibson directly. (Someone else may have already said this.) I got a new truss rod cover by emailing Gibson and describing what I needed. They gave me a part number. I then gave the part number to my local guitar shop and they ordered it. It only cost me a few bucks, I recall. -Seems like there's a lot of goof-action on this forum lately, with these stupid 'who said what/who meant what' arguments. ... A shame indeed. But there are still many cool and
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