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  1. Hello, I need the user manual for the Epi Triggerman 60 DSP amp in PDF , if you have it please send it to robertimis@yahoo.com , 10X.
  2. Your guitar was made at the Qingdao Plant (Epiphone), China August 2008 Production Number: 03165 this is what the Epiphone serial number decoder write. The Gibson Qingdao Plant was opened in October 2002, Qingdao, China. It is the only plant run by Epiphone in Asia.Both acoustic and electric guitars are made here. The factory is dedicated to making Epiphone and only Epiphone guitars with the aim of producing higher quality guitars. This is what the Epiphone serial number decoder write when I put your serial number on it.
  3. I want to trade this guitar for a Epiphone hollowbody or another hollowbody guitar, the guitar is in good shape, for pictures contact me at robertimis@yahoo.com . Thank's for the information.
  4. Hello, I have a acustic guitar Epiphone PR-650 ACS, it is very old but in prety good shape, it write inside it it is made in Japan and Epiphone Kalamazoo Michigan serial number 12989, I want to know in what year it was made, and how much it cost, I need this information becouse I want to change it for somthing jazzy stile acustic-electric guitar, if some one can help me please contact me at robertimis@yahoo.com , I will made some pictures and send il on email if someoane can help me.
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