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  1. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I'm currently looking for one of those myself, but all I can find is the Studio model and I have no interest in that. Once again, thumbs up, man!
  2. Thanks M, You are exactly right. I'll just keep things the way they are for now.
  3. Thanks, layboomo. I appreciate your input. I may just go ahead and buy it ($20) and put it in something else later. Thanks again!
  4. A friend of mine has a celestion G12S- 50 16ohm speaker for sale and was wondering, does anyone know anything about this model and would it be an upgrade or not? I play classic rock/blues with a tele and a couple of pedals. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hey guys, thanks for all of your input! You brought up a lot of things, and avenues of thought, for me to consider. Thanks again.
  6. Hey guys, I'm looking to get my son ( he's 23 ) an acoustic/electric for Christmas and was looking for some suggestions. This would be his first guitar and the max price is $500. Thanks...
  7. Well, in all honesty, a large amount of the success that I had was due to the soundman. BTW, Thanks Tim! I do know exactly what you're speaking of though. I've experienced that many times WITHOUT a soundman. The monitors were just a single 12" speaker so that helped also. As far as the 2-way monitors are concerned ( that's what we own and use for practice ) I just dial down the attenuation on the highs and it HELPS considerably. Not perfect, but better. Playing outside seemed to help as far as the drums go because there were no walls or low ceilings to contain them. Practice in a basement on the other hand, is a completely different story! All in all, I know where you're coming from.
  8. This past Saturday night I gigged with my VJ head and cab at an outdoor gig and it performed flawlessly. Had the volume at 11-12 o'clock and used a Bad Monkey as my only pedal. Plenty of stage volume for me and with the cab miced there was plenty for the soundman to work with. We play classic rock, so the tone from the amp was right on the money. The best part IMO was the very easy load out after the show. This is for anyone who might still be on the fence about these incredible little amps. BTW, the amp has not been modded in any way.
  9. Digitech Bad Monkey. It has separate low and high controls in addition to your level and gain. Plus, the price is right. I swear by mine. Still though, go to your local music store and find out what you like best.
  10. FWIW, another way to get that sound you're after ( w/o touching your guitar ) is to pick up a Crate amp ( w/chorus ) from the 80's. They're ss amps and they will get you the sound you're after. Then, get an A/B box and you can run it along with your current amp to get the tones that the Crate cannot possibly achieve. The Crates are dirt cheap anymore. The downside, you're lugging around more equipment. Just a thought.
  11. Check out how Leo did it for the neck pup of his teles, p or j basses. Wood screws + dense foam + close attention to screw length. I've seen guys take them too deep and OUCH! Their guitars carry the scars of their owners' brain cramp.
  12. GP, you need to go get his 2disc LIVE set that was just released today "LIVE from nowhere in particular". This will satisfy you hunger for a better recording. I was able to get the cd last night at the show. It is GREAT. He'll be at the House of Blues in Cleveland on Oct 9th. GO!!!!
  13. I saw JB at the Fraze Pavillion last night and it was a fantastic show. If you have not seen this man live in concert, you don't know what you're missing. CHECK HIM OUT!!! If you like LP's through Marshalls without anything to clutter up the signal then JB is your man. Plus, he is an incredible vocalist. Go see him.
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