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  1. Gents, here is my one year old collection! Godin 5th Avenue, Yamaha FG331, Epi G-400, 1960's era Japanese Kinston
  2. thanks Rotcanx. The Dot was sold before I could get to it. rbc
  3. I may go look at a Dot with Sym Duncan PAFS, tomorrow. Curious as to what others think will be the sound and feel differences between this Dot with PAFS and my stock G 400. GAS seems to come and go.
  4. OK OK...... You guys want to Bud out of this? Anyway thanks a lot for all the replies. I intend on listening to as many CD's as possible particularly the ones I have not heard of. rbc
  5. If you had to pick 5 cd's for someone just learning guitar and this person was interested in Blues/rock only, what would you pick? These would be CD's used to absorb the blues and solid rock and possibly integrate into playing. No metal,shred,or rap. rbc
  6. I just finished reading a book some of you guitar nuts might enjoy. The name of the book is Guitar Man by Will Hodgkinson, I found it on Amazon. Yes, Epiphone and Gibson are mentioned in the book. It revolves around a 30 year old Englishman and his desire to learn to play guitar in only 6 months and then in front of a paying audience. He travels to U.S. and meets a few guitar legends looking for lessons and insight. He also studies with some British legends and has some adventures, all involving the guitar. There is also a lot of history of the guitar mixed in with the story. You can read the book to find out how his first gig turns out. I enjoyed it. By the way don't take the term "Guitar Nut" as derogatory. I have been with a guitar for only 3 months and am beginning to see how you can be obsessed with wood and strings. rbc
  7. I check E-bay periodically for a possible good deal on an epi. I have purchased a few items on E-bay( 2 trucks, a guitar etc.). So I don't consider myself a newbie. I just cannot understand, when there are still 6 days to go until end of auction and there are already 15 bids on the item. What can be the possible advantage to bidding that early??
  8. Yeh I know not an Epi.........but. http://cgi.ebay.com/1974-Moonstone-Earth-Axe-2-Vintage-Electric-Guitar_W0QQitemZ330284891080QQcmdZViewItemQQptZGuitar?hash=item330284891080&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=66%3A2%7C65%3A1%7C39%3A1%7C240%3A1318
  9. IMHO it is a waste to vote unless you have taken the time to research the issue or candidate. Voting just to vote is nonsense. Sort of like someone saying that since I am against the current wars I don't support the troops. rbc
  10. R. Nader all the way!!!!!
  11. I have a G-400 limited edition custom shop Alpine white. I paid $299 for it Sept. 2008 which I think was same price as Cherry. My wife talked me into the white and I am glad she did. I really like the guitar and seems to have no flaws. 2 weeks after I bought it, the price on MF went up to $399 where it still is. rbc
  12. LPdeluxe,that is all well and good if you live in an area that has local music stores. Many of use don't have that option and online big box is our only out. rbc
  13. TF,yeh that is a great pair of CD's. The 20 year old playing with Jeff Beck is an Aussie by the name of Tal Wildenfeld, I think. You can you tube her. I am admittedly another old fart at 65 but a rank beginner at playing guitar. rbc
  14. TF, I have the microcube and think it is great. I am a newbie to guitar and amps etc. The MC is a lot of fun, just about every time I fire it up I find a new sound. Sure it probably doesn't have the "tonal " quality that a tube amp has but at the stage of guitar I am at I probably don't even know what tone means. Small but can still be loud. I would think you could find one used for less than $ 100 as they sell new for $125, but then again I have never seen a used one which may also say something about the amp. rbc
  15. Richard,just some input from another beginner. I went with a G-400 and the Microcube and am very happy with that combo. One of the cool things about the Micro is that it is so small in size,that it does not dominate whatever room you have it in. I started about 2 months ago and can see it will be long slow haul but I am enjoying the ride ! good luck rbc
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