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  1. If you like Santana, you should check out this guys channel. He's great! http://www.youtube.com/user/willieguitars
  2. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/bizarre/article1679838.ece ...
  3. I have exactly the same guitar as you discribe. I't is a late 80's - early 90's Korean Sheraton.
  4. Anyone knows where I can get Gold polepiece screws and height screws for Seymour Duncans? :D
  5. Wow, that's one great looking guitar. Congratulations!
  6. This week I've decided my standard stop tailpiece had to be replaced because all the gold was chipped off and I didn't really like that look. I have wanted to try on made aluminium for a while and I found a site were I could get one for only €13,-, so I bought one right away. I put it on my guitar now and first thing I noticed how more resonant my guitar was, you can really feel the difference. Also the sound was more "open" sounding more "airy". Anyone also has experience with aluminium tailpieces? And also I want to replace the standard studs with (locking)steel studs because I heared
  7. No need to drill with this one http://www.zzguitarworks.com/
  8. I think it is real, the headstock looks exactly like the headstock on my Epiphone Hummingbird except it says Hummingbird instead of Dot
  9. Very nice guitar. I kinda like the headstock like that with Epihone by Gibson on it.
  10. According to http://epiphone.com/default.asp?ProductID=44&CollectionID=6 it's chrome. I prefer the look of nickel, but on my Vintage Sunburst Sheraton I think gold looks better.
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