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  1. The most popular Christmas song ever written for guitar is without any doubt "Silent Night" (because all they had was a guitar). Now if Lennon's Happy Christmas wasn't a rip-off from Stewball it might be a contender, so I'll stick to good ole' Slade's Merry X-mas, but only because Bessie's At the Christmas Ball isn't a guitar piece :-
  2. Of course I name all my guitars. It's easier that way. My Casino is called Cassie (huh short for Casino) and my Dot is called Maggie because she's got Seth Lover pups fitted ;-) I always thought you had to give names to things you love, especially guitars, otherwises they're just wood and metal....
  3. Thanks Guys, that's what I thought. I'm happy about that, I would be very cross if I had to let slip a chance to get a 80's Japanese hollowbody Epiphone ;-). Now I don't feel that bad ;-) It is good looking though.
  4. I don't know anything about these, so I wondered, I thought that headstock would meant it's Korean. http://www.2dehands.be/vintage-epiphone-sheraton-made-in-51146946.html?muz_instr=27 I'm not too knowledgable in these things. It's for sale but at this moment I can't buy it I wouldn't be able to put it anywhere safe . I got to resist the temptation of GAS ;-)
  5. Well, when I was hunting for a Dot on sites like eBay, I always asked for the serial number. I was very lucky when the first one replying gave a Peerless serial number - which I knew from reading this here forum is very good - and jumped on it. At the same time there was another Dot for sale, but his serial number was Chinese, so my choice was easily made. In fact, I think the craftmanship of the Luthier on my Peerless Dot is better than that of my Terada Elitist Casino (but the Casino has better hardware and wood, which accounts for much I guess, I'm just thinking, if only they'd made
  6. try at : What I hear is that they're not that good (shiro's) Back to Epi's ;-)
  7. I've seen the picture but I don't know, alright?
  8. Yep, on 'Motivation", the singer plays a red dot with bigsby and the guitarist plays a Casino. I think the bassist uses a Hofner semiaccoustic, but I'm not sure. I won't go rushing to the shop to get their album though ;-) On the "Strange Vine" clip the bassist plays a Fender bass, the singer plays a Gretsch. Guitarist plays something that resembles a sunburst Casino Same set-up for St James Infirmary (Fender, Gretsch) but the guitarist plays a Rickenbacker there (a 330 if I'm not mistaken) On children, it seems that what I thought was a sunburst Casino might also be a Gretsch
  9. Ah, but its not the reading, it's the writing that's the problem ;-) .047 means nothing, .047 uF isn't correct .047µF would be though (but that's the same as 47nF)
  10. or you could spare yourself a lot of problems by just using 47 nF, 22 nF & 15 nF. Doesn't make you search for old greek characters ;-) (and you won't need the zeroes either ;-) just a thought )
  11. Well, I do agree it looks a bit silly on a SG and a LP. As to the guys complaining about the middle pick-up being in the way : for Pete's sake, learn to experiment with pick position, on my Rick 340, I usually play between the neck and middle, but if I want a harder tone I'll change to between middle and bridge, and for a softer I go up the neck. I don't claim to be a good guitarist, it's one of the basics of righthand technique (or lefthandtechnique if you hold your guitar differently).
  12. I agree. Anyway, the "humbucking" sound people want to achieve only works on heavy guitars - that's why they are heavy. So there's not much point in it I think. One of my projects is getting a Höfner Verithin, that's a lightweight guitar with humbuckers (though that one is very thin ;-). I don't expect it to sound like a humbucking guitar though ! ;-)
  13. I'm glad I hear the difference between my Casino and my Dot ;-)
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