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  1. The mirror pickguard is a work of genius. I'm personally intruiged by that and the EMGs they're throwing into it.
  2. They showed it off at NAMM, apparently, but it's fallen off the face of the Earth since then.
  3. Try plugging the serial into the Epiphone serial search and see what factory it was made in. It's distinctly possible that the Chinese Black Beauty is different, if there is such a thing.
  4. That's what I needed to hear. I think I'll get a G-400 and install some active pickups. Do chrome humbucker covers interfere with an active humbucker's signal? I never see active pickups with pickup covers...
  5. Why did you end up getting both? Is it because both are iconic? Are both really different enough to where both provide variety? Did you get both because you're working to collect as many Epiphones or Gibsons as possible? I have an LP and I'm looking at a G-400 because it's a good visual complement to the Les Paul, but is it really different enough to justify the investment? Share your story.
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