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  1. Hi all, This is my live version of "High High the Moon" as played by Les Paul. I could only find a midi backing. I hope you like it. Blessings, Abel
  2. Hi all, Hope you are in good health and spirit. It's been a while since I have last posted here, and I noticed that all my previous postings are missing. I guess it's because I didn't login for a long time. Here are my settings: Guitar ---- from the Yamaha MagicStomp, directly to the Yamaha MDP5 Midi Player "Mic in".The "Mic in" has its own volume. The "Output of the MDP5 is split in 2: - One going directly to the "Mic in" of the video camera - One going to my headphone This way I can hear and play live (and still have misses though ...). I think it sounds better than the capture through the built-in mics of the camera. Also, you probably noticed that the MDP5 has a pretty good sound for a Midi player. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMDvR45ovb8&feature=youtu.be Hope you like it. Abel
  3. Glad you liked it. As ladyscaglyc said, it 's not the hottest style on the market, but may young artists really enjoy doing some swing covers. It's also called "JUMP BLUES". This is my website, but on most the videos and mp3's, I play with a Fender Strat as I am a long ime "Shadows" fan (Cliff Richard and the Shadows from UK). http://akhineche.com Regards. Abel
  4. Hi All, The full title is "When My Baby Goes Rockin'" and is interpreted (and composed) by the excellent Mark Tortorici (The Hollywood Combo). I am playing the guitar part for fun using my Epiphone Sheraton II through a Line6 Duoverb solid state. Please dismiss the noise and sound, it's live. Here is the link: WHEN MY BABY GOES ROCKIN' Hope you like it. Regards, Abel
  5. jcwillow777, It doesn't look like this really. It looks more like a twisted round tremolo, not flat like the Bigsby. Abel
  6. Thank you. Bender 4 Life, you can see my Epiphone on the video I posted in my message above. It's a Vintage Sunburst. I will take a couple of close-up pictures soon and post them. Is it possible to fit the same tremolo bar as theone on the Gretsch Falcon (swings 360 degrees around it axle)?. Regards, Abel
  7. Hi all, my name is Abel and I am a new Epiphone Sheraton II owner. I always used a Fender Strat (a great guitar), and when I heard the big tone of the Epiphone, I decided to get one. It's a superb guitar and I am still experimenting with it. Next I will fit it with a tremolo bar. I havn't changed any of the original hardware. I would like to get a little better action as I usually do lots of slides and fast fret work. Any tip? You can view my very first Epiphone home video where I play over short audio clips (free download from their respective websites) from 3 of the best L.A. bands (BBVD, Flattop Tom and Rod Piazza) here: "Big Band Medley" The sound is not so good as it is live through a small MiniDV camcorder. Behind me is the P.A playing the backings and my solid state amp (Line6 Duoverb). I hope you like it. I will try and refine the sound next time. Regards, Abel
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