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  1. Damn! It's a samick built model too. Thought they had a good rep for build quality? Oh well, suppose Mr Guitar tech'll be making sone sheqels out of me then.
  2. The only reason I ask is my futura seems to be marking up on the low strings on the 2nd 3rd and 4th frets. I mainly play rhythm for stuff like ac/dc, airbourne etc so its all down there. The frets seem to have little lines in them that match the windings on the strings. Is this normal, or do I have soft frets??
  3. Hi folks!! Yes, I'm a noob, please be gentle!!!! Anyhoo, just got my latest Epi, a futura ex and very happy I am too....... well, almost. Got a coupla queries I'm hoping you good folks can advise about. 1. Fret buzz. Even with the action set sky high, the low strings still buzz when fretted and played hard. 2. When bending strings, they don't seem to slide over the frets, more grind over them, which is a tad worrying. Apart from that, it's on a par with my old Korina Explorer, which was set up real low and played pretty well after the frets were dressed. I'm hoping that's all that's needed, but as it's brand new, just seems strange that I'd have to redress frets on a new guitar. Most confusing. Thanks in advance guys......
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