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  1. well its here and its greaat a really good quality sounding guitar,enjoy=d>
  2. try to get hold of a marshall avt20 or higher,great amps with that marshall vibe and crunch,best in the world period!
  3. hi ive just changed my ebmm sub1 for a zw camo lp,ive missed the les paul for ages but have decided to come back as ive heard the zakks or really good quality and this one has a maple board,it should be here next week hopefully,any views on these camo zakks,regards dave
  4. Hi i just got this zakk wylde buzzsaw of a private buyer,looked at toggle switch and it says epiphone on both sides of one end,the electronic cavity is got black paint in over the orange and here are the pics of the headstock,after reading other posts on this topic like the thick e of epiphone and the shadow of zakk iam convincde its real,the guitar was made at the unsung plant in 2005 according to the datar project what do u think
  5. Hi this is my first post and i would like to say hello to all,right i have just bought a buzzsaw,what do other users think about the quality and would it be a good idea to upgrade the tuners and electrics as i ve heard nasty things about the electrics,regards dave
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