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  1. CB - that looks great! What is involved in swapping out inlays? I've seen replacement sets on eBay & wondered how difficult it would be. Thanks!
  2. Well, the operation was a success! It took about an hour longer than I thought it would, but it was pretty easy, & totally worth the time & money spent. While I was at it I swapped out the pick guard, truss cover and pickup bezels to spruce it up a bit, and installed a set of Gotoh locking Kluson-style machine heads. The '57 classics have a much warmer & more traditional tone than the hot ceramic pickups I pulled out, and now she sounds killer, and she holds tune better than ever. So happy now!
  3. Thanks! I'll try the pickup swap first, and if I still need more vintage goodness, I'll try a set of the Luxe caps.
  4. That's exactly what I'm shooting for. I had a pair of '57 classics in my old SG, and I loved them - my favorite Gibson pickups for sure.
  5. Thanks guys - some helpful tips here. Uncle Fred - what tonal differences can I expect from upgrading the pots & installing bumblebee caps?
  6. I recently purchased a 2001 Les Paul Classic in Honeyburst, and I am going to change out the stock pickups for a set of '57 Classics. Any tips on the best way to go about this would be greatly appreciated, as this will be my first pickup swap. I've soldered jacks & ground wires before, so I'm not too apprehensive about the task, but a little help never hurts!
  7. I just got a good look at the new Lzzy Hale signature Explorer, and I am digging it! Does anyone know if Gibson is planning on doing a production run of this model? I hope so - I plan on grabbing one of the first ones if they do. BTW, a quick Google search will yeild several cool pics of Lzzy & her new axe.
  8. Another vote for the 50th Krieger. It's the most affordable of the three, it features the ultra-cool neck pup phase reversal switch, and the super slim profile '60s neck plays like a dream. I liked mine so much I bought a second one, and swapped the bridge pup out for an Angus pup. I ended up selling the modded one, as the stock model with the '57 classics just played & sounded perfect for me.
  9. I own 2 of the Kriegers, and both have 2-piece bodies with the lamination seam going right down the center. The Maestros hold tune very well (a pinch of powdered graphite in the bridge & nut slots works wonders), and the body bevels are a bit more "period correct' than those on the 61RI. Lastly, the neck profile on the Krieger is slightly thinner & a tad more narrow than the neck on the 61RI. I use mine for a wide range of musical styles - just about everything but jazz - although I'm sure it would work for that as well. Both are outstanding guitars, and I think you would be
  10. He's referring to his spelling error in the post's title - "Access" vs. "Axcess".
  11. Oops! My bad, it's actually Sam Ash who has the 50th Anniversary Angus listed on their site.
  12. It looks like it's too new to be listed on Gibson's site. The description says it has a baked maple fingerboard, which is a feature Gibson didn't implement until after the recent "government wood raid" at the Gibson factory. Sweetwater has several Gibsons listed on their site which have not offically gone into production yet, including a new 50th Anniversary Angus Young Model - a model that is on "indefinite hold", as stated by Gibson to my local dealer. I hope Sweetwater had one of your SG Juniors in stock - otherwise it could potentially be a loooong wait... Good Luck, and be sure to
  13. You mentioned your SG & all of your pedals, but did not say what amplifier you are using. Your amp is probably the single most important piece of gear in your signal chain, as every guitar & pedal you own gets its final voicing through the amp. All the pedals in the world won't get "the sound" you are seeking if your amp isn't the right one for you. Your basic clean, dirty & lead sounds you desire should come from your amp, & the pedals you use will simply add a final "sheen" or "polish" to the sound. That said, some of my favorite pedals include: 1. Ibanez Tube Sc
  14. Guitar or bass, I change my strings every 15 - 18 hours of play time, or even sooner if needed. I love the sparkle, zing & harmonics that fresh strings give you, and while it can get pricey sometimes (I own 12 basses and 7 guitars), life is too short for crappy tone. I do sometimes wish guitar was my main instrument (I'm mainly a bassist), as I can string all seven of my guitars for what it costs to string just one bass...
  15. Sounds like a "Guitar Center SG Standard Special Edition w/Coil Taps", and it's yet another in a long series of Gibsons built for GC to their specs. It should be priced very close to a regular SG Standard. The Guitar Centers here in Denver have several of these in stock, as well as some new SG Standards in Vintage Sunburst and Natural Burst.
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