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  1. I didn't know whether I was allowed to discuss non epiphone brands, but there is also the Xaviere XV-950, which has the florentine cut and the thinline body, but I think it has the incorrect scale.... Seems like a decent replica at a budget price.
  2. As an owner of a lovely 2007 Epi Byrdland I thought I might share a few thoughts about the whole thing, especially to DC42. I bought my Epi with the same thought, that I will probably never be able to justify a gibson byrdland, and seeking out some classic nugent tones. Of course, as you said, the florentine cut would probably be better; the venetian cut really does limit upper fret access. On the other hand, I do like having a guitar that's a little different than Ted's. Here's the weird thing I found: I find that I almost can't play his tunes on this guitar and I don't know why. I can pick up the guitar with full intention to play stranglehold, but it fades somewhere between being mesmerized by the gold hardware and the sweet sound which almost pours fourth. I don't know if this is how every byrdland is, but I find that I can only ever fingerpick on this beautiful instrument. I am almost wondering whether a cheaper byrd copy exists so I can escape this problem. Below is a pretty bad quality shot of my Epi Byrd.
  3. Thank you Snick! I might just try the chapstick idea before I spend money at the guitar shop. I think I may have been a little too quick saying that it wasn't the bridge, it might well be. Thanks again!
  4. Hey everybody, I love this forum being sort of an epi fan, however, I've been having problems with my elitist byrdland recently and I'm not sure what to do. It's developed this weird sort of buzz/fuzz; for example, when I play a g chord, it adds some weird extra low g and a few other pitches in, it sounds like I am using an octaver pedal, this happens more with some chords than others and goes away if i pick really lightly. There is also some sort of buzz coming from inside the guitar which I am having extreme difficulty finding; every time I think I've found it, it sounds like its coming from somewhere else. I'm not sure what to do at all: I've tried every thing, I've tightened all the screws, the bracing doesn't seem to have come loose or anything, there is no rattle from the bridge, I've tightened every nut and checked the truss rod too! This is super frustrating, and I know that its a small chance that anyone might know what this is, but I'll take it. I'll probably end up taking it to the local luthier, but just in case I can get any ideas from here, i'd really appreciate it!
  5. Hey, TWANG, I am going to PM you about this. I also have a blonde Sheraton II which I plan to rewire at some point, and I plan to change out the bridge. One question, does the Sheraton use short or long pots?
  6. Sorry, you guys had it coming when you made a thread about indie bands who play epiphones: The Strokes!
  7. I believe it is a 2001 model with the M01 designation. Yes, best overdrive I've heard. Ironically, I got it as a replacement for one of the new frontman amps, but just decided it was worth keeping. The one thing that really gets to me is fuzz, not som much when it is intentional, I can't stand it when it is used to mask mistakes. Really, I want to get an overdrive pedal, but I've never really gotten around to getting any pedals. The guitar is from 07, MIK, and serves as my main guitars, with my Highway 1 as a "backup". Honestly, now that I play it a lot, I think it is way easier to play than my strat. Took off the pickguard, something about it made the guitar seem more natural etc. Also, I REALLY like natural guitars, so much so that if it doesn't have some wood showing, I don't consider it. Here is exactly what the amp looks like (except a wee bit bigger): http://www.kolumbus.fi/jtp/badasses/gear/jtp/Frontman15B.jpg Bender 4 Life you scared me : ( same story behind the amp.
  8. I know that there are a few fans of the strokes here, and I wanted to show off my new/old Sheraton II natural so I uploaded a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWrSYXhgpQs I hope no one takes this as shameless self promoting. This guitar really makes me feel like a pro everytime I play it. Hooked up to some old Frontman, which has the only good drive I've ever heard built into an amp. Any more questions just ask. Hey! P.S. I am aaware that my picking style completely sucks, but you must understand that I am really a mutant.
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