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  1. The PG's been off and on on my gold Les Paul, currently on, I go through phases with it. As for my Black Dot, kinda wish I could find a white PG for it to dress it up a bit :0) Anyone know of any sources?
  2. and here's one at a SLIGHTLY higher price... http://northbay.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-musical-instruments-FENDER-SQUIRE-51-RELIC-W0QQAdIdZ123528868
  3. EXACTLY! Thank you for explaining this, kinda getting tired of having to make that rant here! lol
  4. last time I checked, Epiphone does NO "cloth marketing" whatsoever...been here 2 years...nothing...oh, except for an AWFUL shirt they were pushing once! lol...NOTHING like the Fe##er shirt though -that one looks good :0)
  5. So, 2 years of requests on this forum for shirts and hats from Epiphone have yielded nothing from the good folks at Gibson, and yet we have this ----> http://www.fenderusa.com/store/enter.php?product=0990101306 oh ya, anyone have any tips on replacing the tip on my LP selector switch?
  6. Never criticize a newbie for his or her curiousity, without them, this forum is dead. IMHO
  7. I'm guessing you already tried Steves... If you're not set on getting Ultra II you can probably get a nice Standard there. http://www.guitarscanada.com/Board/showthread.php?t=1506 might give you an answer or two...
  8. THAT is NOT a pleasant job!!! Been there, done that -ick Now if any of you geniuses at Gibson are reading this, why don't you spend an extra 25 cents and put in a proper jack to begin with?
  9. Happily, this forum has NEVER been one of those annoying "go do a search it's already been discussed" or "see the stickie, it's all there" places. I find those forums really annoying and condescending and I don't go back to them. This forum has always been a forum for newcomers and their green questions. By limiting talk on guitar questions you're ruining what this forum has historically been. I suggest you wait 6 months and them bring the stickie idea up again for discussion then.
  10. and that'll kill a whole pile of conversation here -bad idea. Will you be starting a stcky for what pups and how to adjust/set up as well? Because that'll totally kill this place. No one likes to be told "refer to the sticky" or "do a search" kinda screws up the whole idea of coming to a forum to "discuss" stuff. And hey, if I come to a forum and am rudely told to do a search I usually do -on google.
  11. So what do you buy if you have 3 or 4 hundred and want to buy a new electric? Not everyone has 6 or 7 hundred bucks lying around. What's the best quality inexpensive guitar? We know it ain't a Gibson. Is it a low end Epiphone or....
  12. and don't forget, that $45 hat cost them about 3 or 4 bucks :0)
  13. I think it's important how a company treats their customers. I was reading on a Canadian guitar forum how a fellow drove all the way into Toronto to hit a "fancy" guitar shop. Once he got there, he had a REALLY poor customer service experience -he wrote an involved rant about it on the forum and he'll never go back there. I agree with that line of thinking, it's OUR money and a shop/company is lucky to have us consider buying their products. We aren't being honoured by having the opportunity to spend our cash with them, they should feel honoured we would consider them. Once a business looses track of this simple formula, they start to loose customers -and rightly so. The reason why so many "little" music stores still thrive is because they know who's paying the salaries. As for giveaways by big corporations, I think it makes even more sense in these hard economic times for them to promote their products -to fight for our dollars. If you look at the guitar market, there are so many good manufacturers fighting for a few liquid dollars. How can they get a sale? Well, they can rely on their name and hope for the best or they can go out and promote their products. If I was Epiphone, I'd get some cool t-shirts out there in the high schools and among loyal players to get the name out there. Another t-shirt stuck in the drawer of a store manager is NOT going to sell you any guitars. However, giving out a box of them at a "battle of the bands night" will. As for the folks who are upset by not getting a hat or a t-shirt when they wrote their favourite gear maker? Well, happily they can take their bucks elsewhere. Time for these companies to figure out if that $4 shirt they won't give away is worth losing a $500 sale...
  14. REALLY nice Dot. Originally, I had hoped for a red Dot but MF never came through with the order. For graduation I got a beautiful black Dot, I lost the gold knobs and forced a set of black speed knobs on it -looks great!!! I had to REALLY do some work on the truss rod to get the neck right but it's been great since :0) Watch out for the output jack, that nut is almost definitely going to loosen. You might want to loosen it and put some clear nail polish on the threads (which didn't work for me) or use some plumbers tape on it (never tried but it apparently works.) I ended up having to put in a new long shaft allparts jack -once you go through that little disaster (loosening all the shafts and fishing through the f-holes) you REALLY become "one" with your guitar in almost a biblical sense :0) How do you like the pups in it?
  15. Why is it that sometimes I can play and sometimes I can't?
  16. Gibson isn't big on rewarding their customers, I think all the freebies go to their dealers. We've asked time and time again where we could BUY Epiphone t-shirts and they've always ignored us. The economy's not doing so hot and there's a lot of competition out there, maybe they'll see the light at Gibson...maybe...
  17. I'll bet you can find a used Epiphone LP Standard or Studio or G400 for about a hundred bucks more than a new LP100, save an extra 100 and go for a standard, you'll be MUCH happier :0)
  18. Just a tip, if you can't find one in the States, try Long and McQuade in Canada, they're owned by the Gibson/Epiphone distributer up here and they often still have outdated Epis in the system that aren't available in the US any more...plus, our dollar stinks again :0)
  19. I'm not in the market for an new LP, I've got a Classic that I love! But I'm pretty darn sure that I wouldn't have bought it at the time if it was $900. More importantly, I don't think a lot of other folks up here will be buying one anytime soon either. If you look at it this way, Epiphone isn't Gibson, you're buying a knock off. Everyone's heard of Fe**der and Gibson and the new guy buying a first electric will be more likely to buy a Fe**der at a couple of hundred less (because it's a REAL Fe**der) on a MIM rather than REEEEEEEEEEACH for something that's not even a Gibson. Greed man, pure greed.
  20. Gibson has officially gotten greedy. The % increase on their new price list make no sense at all. Congratulations "three wise men", you've just priced yourselves out of the market with your insane price increase on the Epiphone Les Paul in Canada. $900 for an Epiphone Les Paul in Canada? It just won't sell and it ain't worth it either. WOW.
  21. Mr. Firm is clearly nuts!!! lol Yeah, everyone has 2 grand but him right? lol He'll cave eventually, hope he gets and gives a decent price. I hate to see people get screwed when they're broke, but ya gotta give a little right? HNRD!!! I finally picked up a Gibson today, I've only been playing a year and a half, it was an acoustic, a humminbird I think. It felt okay, sounded ok, but it was more exciting to take off the hanger and touch than the actual experience of playing it. It was like, "Wow, I'm about to play a $2500 guitar." Followed by a hmmmph. I'll try it again and see what happens...no wait, I don't think I need to get myself into the place where I'm dying for a Gibson -that would be TRULY horrific!!!
  22. But nobody has any cash down there right? Folks are losing their jobs, I'm guessing cash will talk pretty loud down there. And it's not really taking advantage of someone if you make them a fair offer and they need the coin. If you have the cash, I'd imagine you can get what you want.
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