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  1. nowadays, it's always some new rap song that gets noticed and forgotten within a week
  2. Sunshine of Your Love, Rock Bottom, The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair.
  3. someone posted pretty much the same site like 2 years ago, accept you could make any brand of guitar you wanted. fun to play around with.
  4. Sunshine of your Love or Layla (the original or unplugged) are pretty good songs.
  5. i seems more like a chip since it does somewhat protrude. it wouldn't do that if it were deep crack.
  6. Well, I've had my Les Paul for awhile now, but recently i noticed that there was a small 2cm crack on the neck of my guitar near the headstock. I'd show a pick but it's impossible to see it in the pic. The strap did come loose once and it fell on the ground so that is what my have caused it. The thing is, it hasn't given me any problems and there hasn't been any tonal changes in the guitar. So i dunno, it may just be the finish that's cracked. So should I be worrying?
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