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  1. By including both LP & Casino they'll get hits from people searching either LP or Casino. Basically just doubling his chance of selling an over priced broken piece of crapolla.
  2. Ooooopppps.....Got confused when connectable appeared. But I guess his comments above explain that...I'll go back to sleep now thank you
  3. Wow....This was like watching a movie with an incredible twist at the end. THE ORIGINAL POSTER WAS THE MODIFIER HIMSELF!!! I suspect rom some of the replies most thought the poster and the modifier were two different individuals! I myself thought the same thing. Anyway.....I thought it was pretty strange (the guitar I mean) but to each his own. Just like everything else in the guitar playing world, if it works for you more power to ya!
  4. Not trying to be an a#@ or anything but sometimes these "does (insert guitar part/material) effect the tone" questions get a little tiresome sometimes. By the way, I keep the nails on my left hand fairly short, if I let them grow 3/32" will this improve my tone on a ebony fret board with 16.35% trapezoid inlay, over set mahogany neck, using a tusq nut, #10 Ernie Ball Super Slinky, Grover tuners, Chrome Stop bar/tun-a-matic bridge, mahogany back (I think two piece, not sure though), 5/64" maple AAAA flame top, nitro cellulose teaburst finish (I believe 4 coats.....could be five though and t
  5. No I've often thought the same thing CB. Unless it's a combo, how can they accurately account for different acoustic and dynamic ranges for a speaker & cabinet? I guesss you have to tweak to get what you want. But then don't you always!
  6. I'd have to say it looks good to me. Is there anyway for Epiphone/Gibson to tell you if the guitar & Serial number match. In other words, Serial No. U98122067 is a tobacco burst Les Paul Custom? We all, or most of us, know how to decipher the serial number but how do we know it matches the guitar?
  7. I guess we can modify P.T. Barnum's famous saying, "There's a scumbag born every minute." Sorry to hear about your dilema AS but kudo's on the excellent information sharing. I suppose we also have to change "Buyer Beware" to "Seller Beware".
  8. Wow...I thought we were talking about the guitar not social injustices of the last century. Anyway, I would be more upset with the poorly fitted neck tenon than the paint job. Although, I would also be upset with that. Couldn't that neck become a major problem down the road?
  9. Yeah BangBang......Nothing personal, just all in good fun. I've made mistakes here and gotten s@#t for it too. Just don't take it seriously.
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