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  1. OK, bolt-on, then. But no separation on mine, as in the one in your pic. All-in-all, a remarkably nice guitar. Love to Harriet ... Pick up the bags and get in the limousine.
  2. Mr. Nelson - (Ozzie?) - I do not have much expertise here, but I DO have this exact guitar! The neck heel is exactly as pictured, w/out the separation. The label appears EXACT, too. No mention of Norlin and NO SERIAL NUMBER. I'm still puzzled about one thing and, remember, I'm no luthier: there is a single octagonal nut at the end of a bolt, inside at ythe neck, which I took to be the inside end of the truss rod. No?
  3. Yeah, it's a three-piece neck (four actually) made of birch, the catalog says. And the label is true blue and small.
  4. This appears to be exacly the FT570-BL in the '74 Epi catalog you can find on the web. No black plate. No visible serial number. The neck is glued, but it does indeed have the block inlays. Not familar with "Norlin" but I do recall "Aria" from back in the day.
  5. I could use some help on this one: I bought this model in NYC a few years ago. It's a beauty and is eaxactly like the Japan-made FT570 Jumbo shown in a 1974 catalog I found on the web. Trouble is, while it has the "traditional" blue label inside, reading" Epiphone Incorporated. Kalamazoo, Michigan. Made in Japan," the serial no. space is blank and there is no SN anywhere to be foiund on the guitar?
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