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  1. "So, my questions: Would I be crazy to buy a guitar like this online, without playing it?" I did that, lol. I just bought an Epi-Dot on e-bay for 350 bucks...i´m having some common problems like fret-buzz, but i´m getting it to a luthier tomorrow and it will be fine. I haven´t played it on a good amp yet but people usually change the factory pickups of their dot for a gibson 57 humbucker...i don´t know if it´s because gibson´s are way better or because epi´s pickups are really bad
  2. That´s a guitar that i always hated it...but the more i heard how its tone, the more i began to fall in love with it...specially when i listen to coldplay´s song "shiver", which guitarrist jonny buckland plays with a jaguar
  3. my epiphone dot was made in 2006 and there´s the "inspected e set up in usa by 16" sticker in it, but, i don´t know, it´s just a sticker...i´ve notice a notable mistake in my guitar, see in the headstock there´s the epiphone symbol right in the middle, well it´s supposed to be in the middle but it´s quite bended to the left..that´s some kind of mistake that wouldn´t exist if it was made in the US..but to me it doesn´t make any difference
  4. well, i just bought a dot but i´m playing on a crappy amp...first i´ll have to buy a good amp and please don´t tell me that epi HB are not that good, the way you guys are talking it seems like the difference between gibson and epi HB are huge
  5. One of the guys of Arcade Fire also play one of these, i always wanted to know what was the name of it...still, that´s definitly not my type..and it has a metalic? how does it sound?!
  6. this is weird, even with a 335 pickguard the Epiphone dot still looks pretty different from the ES-335...
  7. there´s a tenor guitar of each model...awesome http://www.tenorguitar.com/pyott.html
  8. Would you let me be your friend? Man, lovely collection...
  9. I can't see this guitar without reminding of Justin Hawkins from The Darkness...still' date=' it's a pretty cool one [img']http://www.theradreport.com/wp-content/uploads/2006/10/78969.jpg[/img]
  10. i agree..that guitar is too fancy, looks like its gonna broke when you play it
  11. I've got to addmit, Fenders have an unique tone...love how single-coil sounds
  12. Does anybody knows if Epiphone still make tenor guitars? I was hearing Fab Moretti from the band Little Joy (same guy who plays drums for Strokes) playing it, and it sounds great, something like an electric banjo..i was wondering if they still make that kind of instrument or if anybody here have one of these, seems like a rare thing to have... If you haven't heard it, try this video...great band!
  13. didn't know that, thanks man...but that 335 that i posted is really my dream guitar, whith slim neck, blocks inlay, vintage kluson tuners...i'm in love with her
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