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  1. That's a nice backing off trick. I had assumed I just wired my pups out of phase with one another since my bridge pickup was wired out of phase with itself at first. There was a mixup in the wire color coding. But hey, I backed off one of the pots, and presto! Fat sound. Thanks.
  2. Yeah... so how much would a professional setup cost? I've never had it done before.
  3. So I've been frustrated by my neck for quite a while. I've tried tons of stuff to get it working right, but I can't figure it out. I even just shimmed it in the neck pocket, but that didn't help either. I keep getting buzzing on frets 9+ or so. Frets under there are ok. You may say "Just raise your bridge!" but therein lies the problem. If I raise my bridge anymore, it makes the string more out of tune as I go up the fretboard. The bridge saddle for my low E is back as far as it'll go. I adjusted the the bridge high enough where it only has minimal buzzing, and fret 12 was about 30 cents out of tune with the octave harmonic. I'm not sure the neck actually has any bow to it. I've adjusted my truss rod out to the point where it's just turning freely. I'm using Ernie Ball 10s, just fyi. This is making it frustrating to play, takes the joy out of it. Should my guitar see professional help? Has anybody else had this problem? Thanks
  4. Honestly, I'm not even sure why Best Buy has the music section these days anyway. It's like trusting Wal-Mart with major car repairs. Some things should have their own stores, and I think instruments should be sold with instruments. At least you got to try it out, unlike guitar shopping at a pawn shop. Best Buy's target market is probably younger teens with rich parents who are impulse buying.
  5. If you rotate the switch ring, then you can read it from above it while playing it!
  6. Most of the modding was done by me. The pickups are Seymour Duncan SH-2 Jazz and SH-6 Distortion. It is a bit of a franken-guitar now.
  7. I love this guitar, but I don't get overly sentimental. I am in a tight spot financially, so I've been selling my guitars one-by-one. I want to keep it, but if the right offer came along I'd sell it, mostly because I want the opportunity to paint another guitar. I'd love to start that kind of business. As for the pickups, the one thing I didn't like about the guitar was how dead the old stock pickups sounded. The Duncans make it sound so much more alive and... pop I guess. Maybe sizzle. I use it for recording, so that was the most I spent on an upgrade. It's a Duncan Distortion in the bridge position, and Jazz by the neck, by the way.
  8. I had four, counting my bass. A Kona acoustic, Oscar Schmidt OE40B hollowbody, Squier Affinity P-bass, and Epi Les Paul 100. Now I'm down to the acoustic and the Epiphone. Darn rent payments.
  9. Alright. I was told that the LP-100s had flat tops. Also, did some come without the "Les Paul" written in script on the head? I realized I didn't have a picture of the front of the head stock, it only says "Epiphone" toward the top, and the truss rod cover says "GIBSON".
  10. Hello Epiphone forums. I'm new here. The reason I'm posting is that I've had this Epiphone Les Paul model guitar for over ten years. It was my first guitar. I have had great difficulty identifying the model. I would suspect a Les Paul 100 because of the bolt-on neck and 4 potentiometers. However, it does have an archtop. I brought it to Guitar Center today with the intent of selling it (I didn't, not nearly enough to part with it) and asked about it. Nobody there really helped. I have a folder of pictures here: Folder of guitar pictures It originally came with the Les Paul 100-type cream-clear knobs, and had unmarked pickups. Any insight would be appreciated, thanks!
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