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  1. Some good info here... http://tonepros.com/installation.htm
  2. Very nice. I'm in the USA so not sure that would be a suitable merchant. Does anybody know what size the posts are on my import Dot? Are they the same as the Riviera? 4mm?
  3. This is more specific towards my question. What will be a direct fit and what are the modifications if needed?
  4. What are my options for replaceing my 2005 Epi Dot Tune-o-matic bridge? Forgive me if this has been done to death. I just couldn't find the proper info after searching the site and web.
  5. Favorite guitar player? That's easy. Eric Patrick Clapton.

  6. Hey, good news. Glad to hear it worked out for ya. Now at least you can play it while you wait for the replacement. Good job!
  7. I'm thinking you could poke it out from the other side. Here's a pic of my old Epi Standard. See that hole(s) in the middle of the tube socket(s)?
  8. Good call. Are you ordering the head or the Special with built in 8 inch speaker?
  9. I'm no expert, but have always been told to use a speaker cable PERIOD. Is the cable you bought a speaker cable or a guitar cable? Sparks are not a good sign. You might consider returning the unit under warranty. On the other hand, a tube swap, speaker change even guitar choice all have an effect on the outcome of your tone.
  10. Well. The tubes came today! Here's a shot of them. 6V6GTs on the left, 12ax7s in the middle and 5Y3GTs on the right. Can't wait to try them out.
  11. So maybe it's the speaker or the way it's mounted? AFAIK the speaker shouldn't be tighten down too much as to warp it or something like that. Just tight enough to hold it. I'd check the mount before going into the chassis. Or, it could be a tear in the speaker itself. Just throwing out possibilities.
  12. Thanks for chiming in m-theory. I was hoping you would. Interesting note on the broken centering pin. I'll check that out. As for the GE, it seems like it's from the 40s from what I'm gathering on the web. It sounds real creamy. I'm getting 6 more tubes from my friend. Two 6V6GTs, two 12AX7s and two 5Y3GTs. Those are what go in my amp. One of each. I asked him to look for GE, RCA or anything stamped JAN. He's an old radio guy. Has hundreds of tubes stashed away. I'd like to get the tubes tested like you say. I'm not sure where to take them. All I know is the GE sounds
  13. Well, for anybody who's interested, at the very least I'm documenting this for myself. I finnally tried the old tubes. The bad new is somehow my NOS JAN 6v6GT broke. The middle black plastic part broke. I noticed it while putting it back in after the GE and Raytheon. The good news is the GE sounds sweet! Very cool distortion. Just a really good overall sound. The Raytheon sounds a bit harsh. A good backup tube. Not sure when the JAN gave out although since day one it did have some hickups now and then. I'm guessing it was cracked when I bought it. I really dig the GE. Happy day!
  14. I found this... "NOS GE 6V6GT Pair- Another powerful tube for those old guitar amps with incredible warmth and punch! Hard to find coin and regular base available. OEM and JAN military boxes. LOW STOCK Warning! Just $99.99 per pair!"
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