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  1. I saw this one on ebay, it's absolutely Elite Riviera but in gold hardware I never see before see the knob does the elite series make this kind of model and what year?
  2. my elite sheraton with custom EZ-Mount bigsby by ZZ Guitar Work easy to install and...yes it added alot of weight to the guitar last thing it damn expensive...
  3. Hi,y'all so umm now I'm thinking about get my new acoustic Epi the Masterbilt series is the one that look so cool for me. but between those model AJ & DR ,I don't know that much about detail . kinda heard some might say the AJs pretty cool. what is about the DR my choice would be around AJ-500ME , AJ-500R ,DR-500R R & M means rosewood and maple eh? I'm kinda new with deep detail of acoustic thing. please give me some of y'all opinion. thank y'all so much.
  4. thanks y'all for the info some strange things on this guitsr are making me confused this is an ebay guitar
  5. the bottom just has sticker "bridge pickup and neck pickup" and some numbers aye, so this one is not fake epiphone eh?
  6. thanks : pohatu771 what about the bottom of mini humbucker doesn't have Epiphone trademark and I used to own 1998 Riviera VT. feel like the neck must thiner than this one, this one the neck kinda thick.
  7. Hi, guys I've seen this riviera on ebay for while. it look nice . but some of my friend see some strange that look so beautiful my friend says the "Epiphone" on headstock kinda strange that look difference from the other Riviera close up http://img1.showpic.in.th/pic/e41/e410ffc30822e6954e1c11bd8aa498f1.jpg the serial numbers is 2006 Peerless . I own sheraton and supernova, so far the serial numbers on the orange sticker must gose like " R04B 0988" first 4 numbers space and last 4 numbers. but this one gose like "R04B0988" has no space between first 4 and last 4 http://img1.showpic.in.th/pic/bd1/bd156287f0af18fb67e0a0d8e5c8a005.jpg and last the bottom of mini humbucker doesn't have Epiphone trademark actually maybe it nothing, it just my stupid question. please suggest.... thank you //sory for my English
  8. sorry,guys how about this one ,what's name of this Bigsby which is has "E" logo
  9. thanks y'all so much for information. I saw this guitar on ebay that was about $550 . so what do you think?
  10. sickboy

    F it!!

    I have only one. Riviera Nick Valensi
  11. it ain't have any serial on the body. acauley that ain't mines ,but i like to get one which is i've seen on ebay but it looks so cool eh?
  12. Hi,Y'all so does anyone have some information about this Riviera. all I already know so far it's a Riviera in Turquoise finish eh? but I don't know what year? and that was made in ? Korea or japan and what is the name of this Riviera. please help. thanks
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