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  1. Thanks Jerry (& RotokanX). The other day I did go and look up the Tone Pro site and when I saw that model number but not the button style key I thought I had copied the # down wrong. However I assume that one is available in the button key. The Tone Pros will require 2 new holes from the looks of it. The Grovers will be an exact fit. I do appreciate your advice. (I think the repair guy did not know that the Elitist holes are different than the MIC Casino's).
  2. What would be the exact tuner/parts # replacement for a Casino Elitist in the Grover Style and the Kluson Button style. I enquired about this the other day but soe of the parts numbers were incorrect, as I went down to my local repair guy and he had some of them in but none were going to fit in the Elitist Casino. He mentioed that Gotoh were a great price for the quality(pretty much as good as you can get). The Tone pros were definitly also top of the line. He mentioned that this Elitist woud probably need bushings. Nickel preferred on Gotoh Tone Pro Anyone who has done this might have the part numbers. Thanks.
  3. Thanks all. Yes I suppose to not have to do any extra drilling I would have to replace with the nickel Grovers. The Goto's and the Kluson might require some additional holes etc. Somehow to my eye the Kluson just look right on that headstock. My main question is are they of the same quality in terms of keeping in tune and precision?
  4. I would like to put some nickel plated tuners on my Elitist. It comes with the chrome Grovers as you all know. However I find the Grovers first of all a bit crowded and actually prefer the look of the original Kluson tuners that a frined has on his original '66 Casino. Now his tuners seem no to have the accuracy of the Grovers but then again his tuners are old and perhaps not quite as precise as the Grovers. I was thinking that the Klusons being made today are very precise and high quality and do have the Nickel finish (that apprpriatly match the pickups). Has any one here compared the 2 and can comment on the quality and what model number to be ordered?
  5. I don't really like fabreze. It also leaves a slight odor behind that is hard to get rid of.Indeed it does get rid of the offending odors but i don't like the residual odor. Sprying it inside your guitar would let it possibly absorb into the wood. What I have done with this type of proble is get an ionizer/air purification system and leave it in a room for the prescribed amount of time and take it slowly until those odors are gone. This also requires careful use of certain solutions on the guitar body that won't penetrate too deeply into the wood/finish. I can tell you it works. For me it has solved problems of smoke, cat piss (one that really takes it toll and penetrates deeply), and even chemicals (such as fabreze) that have been used to try and get rid of odors and finish issues.
  6. I am glad to hear that at least they are keeping the Casino's. A local dealer told me here that he did not even expect to get any more Casino's. He said that Gibson was reconsidering the whole line and that the Epiphone China series were selling much better and something that it was too close to Gibson custom shop quality. It sounded a bit inconsistent to me except for the fact he is a major Gibson and Epiphone dealer.
  7. Is Epiphone discontinuing their Elitist Series? I gathered as much from looking over some threads discussing the Casino. I may have misinterpreted it however.
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