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  1. So I purchased a valve special, got it home and wasn't impressed. the speaker was way to grumbly under any kind of power and to get decent cleans for using effects through a tube amp the amp was whisper quiet with no volume. it had no punch behind it and got way to distorted under any kind of load. I'm at a loss, i want an amp like my 5150 212 combo for the tube power but I want to run effects on a clean tube sound with some punch behind it without having to get all crazy distorted sounds. I guess I'm at a loss, I have a little roland cube practice amp but even when using the clean channel it's so unresponsive and it gets irritating to play it has great volume but any kind of distortion through it and that's all it is no matter how you strum, I guess that's why I was looking for a tube amp. is running digital effects through a tube amp gona be responsive in terms of if you have a gentle strum verses banging out a bar chord? that's the problem I am tying to solve and am not having very much success. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. were talking about the guitar or the guy in the bathrobe whose reflection got caught in the picture, hahaha
  3. No paranoia, no expertise just observations. it says shopping my local guitar chain, online, sorry I didn't put that in. I apologize for coming off any kind of rude or a know it all these were just observations, obviously I am no better but you are right I should have done a bit more research. I'm just saying about the guitars they are all part of history not all good not all bad, the sonex may be a pice of something but none the less it is still out there. mine was my first gibson I ever owned. the samick I own may not be a trophy but it is part of guitar history. the Epi that looks just like it I was looking at cost 500 because the store owner thinks it is a MIJ Epiphone(not an elite I believe or elitist as the later ones I believe were called). I find all the posts great and to be full of knowledge and again I apologize if it came off differently
  4. First off name calling seems a bit childish don't you think, secondly nowhere in my post did I claim to be an expert, I was stating some things I had found. and you forgot that epiphone did have some variations that were made in korea in the late 80' and early 90's by the samick guitar plant labeling them as The samick which I own. they also produced for Epi having an open book headstock but not like the MIJ. As for the sonex, I saw pics of the one that was stripped and it is still a piece of history whether in your opinion a bad one or a good one. it looked like wood I didn't say it looked like a pretty flamed maple top. saving a lot of typing trying to show who knows the most maybe you should contribute so everybody knows and can learn instead of coming on the forum posting like your an exert.
  5. Why is it a lot of these up and coming guitar chains that sell used guitars as well as some people on the bay don't research their instruments before they either list them or sell them. I only say this because I am getting a little tired of shopping for a guitar and then find out it wasn't what it was supposed to be. I was looking at a guitar on the bay the guy says he called Epi and they didn't know if it was an 85 or 95 so I ask him for the serial number get it and find it's a 95, the guy still has it listed as an 85 or 95 and he's leanin towards an 85 according to his listing even though I provided him with all the info to prove it's a 95. I was shopping my local chain and I see an Epi MIJ, kinda got excited. then he sends me a pic and it's not what it should be, so I ask for better pics and the serial number, the manager tells me it's the MIJ made in the 80's headstock and he can't give me the serial number for his safety, what a joke, so I put it through the normal channels and find the number dates it to an 89 and it's made in Korea, and that it's most likely an early elitist version not an MIJ. There is another one on the bat listed as a middle 90's version so again put it through the channels and it's a 2000 marked clear as day according to the serial numbers. this last one is the best. So I have some regret syndrome from selling off an early sonex deluxe that I had for pennies compared to what it's worth now or was then, the shop I sold it to knew exactly what he was doing and took advantage of a kid on hard times, no biggie such is life. so occasionaly I search for a sonex to try and get one back, so I find one on the bay and the guy has it listed as a greenburst, so I kindly inform him that this is actualy a somewhat rare silverburst model and because of age it tends to turn green from the finishes they used back then. so the guy calls Gibson and they verify, and he put's in his listing still unsure of what Gibson said because his friend ran into a guy at a swap meet that said it was greenburst. nothing like not believing Gibson over the friend at the swapmeet. Ok last one and only because I just remembered this is about a sonex to, so I go to my local bar because some friends were supposed to be taking the stage, the act before him the lead singer is playing a sonex so after the act I ask him where he gt it because the never came in natural wood color. he tells me found it at a church rumage sale for 50 bucks the best part is his no brain guitarist didn't like the very rare mint condition silverburst that because of rarely seing daylight had only the slightest green to it and still actually resembled the silver color it was supposed to be, didn't like that color so he stripped in with gas and paint thinner not knowing that it's a composition wood not a true solid body and almost ruined the guitar thus killing one more of our nice pieces of history. but it least it was no Kyle Busch, what a moron. let's see how many of these interesting stories we can stir up, I'm curious and would love to hear some
  6. That's part of the toss up, if you have a good rapore with your shop they might give you a good deal, if you look on the bay there are dealers that are selling used and 2nd stamped guitars almost the same price as new which IMHO is BS, it's not a new guitar and you have no recourse to go through if something goes wrong. I would say if you really like the guitar dont go more than75 percent of the original value depending on the blem or repair. my local has a nice little honeyburst Lp and it's marked 2nd and they are trying to sell it for 50-75 less than new standard top, and it's used on top of it.
  7. !980's The Samick MIK Lp copy set neck for a hundo. snatched it up for my son plays as nice as my custom, and has the cool looking open book headstock. If my son don't like the black it will be the perfect candidate for a refinish.
  8. WTHeck, I'm on the best forum in the world for Lp's and no one has any advice on pegs. I'm looking for opinions anything these tulip style tuners are driving me nuts!!!
  9. Welcome to the forum, first off everything depends on your style how the guitar plays when you play it and what your looking to get out of the guitar. the prophecy has some pretty aggressive sound and has a different set up than the traditional Lp. the ultra II I believe is the one with the acoustic pick up built in but has more traditional Lp sound when it comes to that respect. The bottom line if price isn't really an option and you know what type of amp you want to play through play both guitars whichever sounds the best and plays the way you like buy it, you can always get the other one later.
  10. I'm kinda stuck here, I just got a 99 studio and it has the kluson tulip style tuners, and so far not a big fan of them. now don't really care about being authentic or age correct or anything like that. this is a fancier studio due to some of the upgrades like better inlay. on my 05 studio and my custom both have grovers. I realize it's a different screw pattern on the back so If I changed over they would have exposed holes on the back. Are the gibson style better than the Epi style klusons and what are my other options, I know of a couple different name brands but not really sure how they fare.
  11. I have never seen this but it is about time someone thought of an alternative to screwing into a beautiful guitar. http://cgi.ebay.com/2008-2009-Gibson-Les-Paul-Pickguard-Screwless-New_W0QQitemZ140325338976QQcmdZViewItemQQptZGuitar_Accessories?hash=item20ac0abf60&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=65%3A12|66%3A2|39%3A1|72%3A570|240%3A1318|301%3A0|293%3A15|294%3A50 I think it will still end up scratching the finish unless something is put under it, but kudos for the idea, might have to get me one, it says they are only for gibsons, but I think my Lp's rate!!!
  12. I don't know I was never a big fan of those burst colors, Lp or dot, then one day I guess I just seen the right one and now I have taken a liking to them, my Lp studio I just got has a not as bright of finish like that but it really kinda looks cool in the right light. something you just dont see every day. I think its cool beans
  13. HNGD! forgive the ignorance, but what is the major notable difference in fret boards. and you will be happier with 81/85's they do sound a lot different than the Epiphone version of them.
  14. well to some extent we all know that is true.( I think I'm biased).
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