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  1. i saw weezer about a month ago or so and he was playing a Texan for the all of the acoustic bits-i understand the draw the Texan has for a lot of people but i love the charm the epi EL00 brings to the table or the wonerful chime and even bass the epi Hummingbird brings to rythem and riffing. epi makes a fine guitar all around.
  2. had mine since Jan., so 7 almost 8 months-out of all the guitars i own (even the h-bird) i have never put it in a case, it stays on a stand always wihin arms reach-its great for playing solo and for couch/porch sessions-it records well and will add great layering when played and tuned up in the mix a bit with a dread (like my h-bird) or even a ooo-this guitar is something i will never give up-its got soul, its a damn good guitar. you dont need to be a rockstar, you just need to enjoy playing.
  3. i love it, so do all my pals too! it became are go to guitar for recording... what do you think of yours?
  4. She beautiful after a few years of use, brass pins, and extra lights... Here are some vids...if the links dont link when clicked just copy and paste into your browser...and if you cant hear the song(s) turn up the speaker or plug in headphones for even better sound of the HBird... Round here short- http://www.youtube.com/user/thelastcrowonthewire#p/u/0/PC31bSOsdNk Some punk song we made Folky- http://www.youtube.com/user/thelastcrowonthewire#p/u/1/--5on1cDXac Current original song demo, still writting lyrics; any ideas would be great- http://www.youtube.com/user/thelastcrowonthewire#p/u/2/pmTLvy1u3jg
  5. it will loosen up and fit snuggly after a while-a faint imprint will be visible, just give it a good year of constant use and its all gravy baby!
  6. got my mic working so now you can really hear my HummingBird, plus many other new songs
  7. here is a video of my Epiphone Hummingbird----> http://www.youtube.com/user/thelastcrowonthewire?feature=mhw4#p/u/3/-cMTbghda00 sound is good and you get a good look at my little cherry buzzer! feel free to rate and comment
  8. played a fender sonoran-has lam. mahogany back/sides and solid spruce top-liked the headstock and thought it would sound like my H-Bird, but it did not-so she's going back-was just trying it for fun, thought it was a bit thin compared to me Epi-later
  9. thanks-ive just been using the cam on my notebook-a buddy and i are making a cover album, so we mic'd up and played and it sounded lively. thanks for looking and keep checking out my stuff-i got all kinds of things in the works
  10. sorry to keep a one sided conversation going but i have placed more vids up with better sound-please check them out or comment on them-thanks guys and gals keep strumming
  11. very nice job-im digging the twang-and beautiful guitar by the way-i got an Epi H-Bird on youtube http://www.youtube.com/thelastcrowonthewire if you are up for a listen-be aware some of the micing sucks on osme of them so you may have to crank the speakers a bit to hear her sing, other vids sound is much better-hope you enjoy it and ill be sure to check more of your stuff-keep strumming!!!!!
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