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  1. Thank you guys!!!!! I think I will stick with the guitar and I love it more than last night. Thanks alot. By the way, I don't know how to pull the pickup out even watch some videos in Youtube. I scared I pull some wires off the guitar. So i think I will stick with it. THanks thanks thanks//~~~!!!!!
  2. By the way, I thought if the pickup changed, then It won't sound like a les paul anymore? I assume the sound is depends on the pickup itself instead of the guitar?
  3. Thanks guys, I got relief. I don't know whether I like the sound or not because I didn't play any other guitar before. This is my 1st electric guitar. Should I stay with the pickup? I have that thought is because I like blues and jazz sound. But my guitar sound a bit rock, or mayb because of the amp? Or it might be the reason that I don't know how to use an amp. Sorry for being newbie. I usually turned the Mid and Treble to max so I can get more gain for Pinch Harmonic sound and put the drive high. But the sound get too noisy and I don't know how to fix that. Is that because of my pickup too? Haha BlueLesPaul2006, I love that guitar. Yea I'm a purdue student. Thanks again guys.
  4. I just bought a Les paul custom white from a store. The guitar is second hand and only sold for $450. No scratches or anything. everything is fine but the pickup is not the same with the original pickup i saw online. The pickup is black and I donno what is the brand. I assume is a very cheap pickup? Please help.. I'm a newbie in electric guitar. The link below is the pictures I post in facebook, because I don't know how to post here. Sorry. Facebook Les paul custom white
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