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  1. I kinda thought the Bigsby 7 was the best choice but wanted to get some feedback and thats what I will get .
  2. What Bigsby are most using on their Casinos B3 or B7 ?
  3. Your right yesterday on that site I could not locate that info and whats interesting one of the larger dealers indicated they were no longer available . Anyway thanks for the input .
  4. Am I missing something here went to the Gibson Epiphone site and the Casino inspired is not longer listed and went to a large retailer who stated they are no longer available . Welcome thoughts
  5. I had a Epiphone Casino acouple of years ago and sold it to get a Gibson 330 L and returned it because it would not stay in tune so Gibson sent me another 330L and I had the same problem and once again I returned that guitar . So here I am again getting another Epiphone Casino and Ive taken a trip or so around the block and should have kept what I originally had . Ive yet to play a Casino that has not played and sounded well and the only issue I can think of is the bridge on these guitars make a bit of buzz on some . I may put a Bigsby on this one at some point or another but
  6. I just love my Gibson Es 335 and my Les Paul but its tough to beat the sound of a Casino for the dollar most likely one of the most overlooked guitars ever and the p90s are great pickups .
  7. Well just bought a Casino inspired natural finish looks to have some nice modeling in the wood . Love bursts and my Gibson es 335 is but wanted the natural look for the casino . http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3683071/aview/casino_.jpg
  8. Have a Epi Casino and would like to get the nylon saddles to replace the metal I currently have and they would be more like the Lennon limited 1965 Casino version . Where to get them Thought ?
  9. The Epipohone inspired Casino thats on the market today with sunburst or natural ... Is this guitar a limited run of 1965 thats to be made . Welcome thoughts
  10. The neck on the Gibson es 330 is larger fatter more round where as the Casino is slimmer and Ive found that in the past effects the tone . Myself I prefer a larger neck fatter as the nocaster to the 52 Fender I again prefer the first it just feels better for one thing .
  11. Ive got a Gibson Es 330 with the p90s and Ive got a Casino and to my ears there is a world of difference . First off I know what Mccartney did with his Casino and that right there shows you what you can get from that guitar with some work but at least a 60s version . Playing the ES 330 right from the start the 90s have more output they seem to breakup sooner with a deeper soulful tone . The casinos p90 can get crunchy as well not sure what the pot & cap value is on either of the two but the guitars are different the Gibson has a bigger neck where as the Casino is slimmer w
  12. The Gibson pickups are hotter they don't sound like the Epiphone version . More output and they have more of a blues type tone and Epiphone p90 are a bit mellow in comparison . Ive got both so that's what they sound like to my ears . The wiring its a upgrade yes but it wont shape your tone like the pickup change will do .
  13. Dont agree If Epiphone states a limited edition with a specific # then they should stick to their word and produce that number of examples no matter what reason of purchase thats not a issue . If a manufacturer states limited edition without a specific # being produced well thats a different story in itself .
  14. Honestly I believe sanding your guitar down is not in your best interest unless you know what your doing and much better off buying a Casino without the poly . I did not like the poly on mine looked like thick nail polish so its gone bought a revolution Casino and love it .
  15. I once read about a fella who was in a music store in England looking over the guitars when Paul Mcartney walked in and the guy got the courage and ask him what kind of guitar strings he preferred on his guitars and Paul just looked at this guy and said Im not really sure just know they are long and shiney . Sorry just had to mention that it reminded me of the magazine I read back in the 1980s and its a true story so anyway I use 10 46 D'Addario .
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