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  1. Thanks very much for the info! I will certainly keep digging. I'll let you know what I find, if anything. C
  2. Oops, guess my reading comprehension skills are lower than I thought. I just re-read some earlier posts in this thread and found the following from Mr. Nelson: "..Later versions have a pointed heel and are less likely to separate but most of them have the troublesome rounded heel." Guess that 'splains it. Sorry for the intrusion. CLH
  3. I'm happy to have found this thread as it has cleared up a great amount of confusion and wonder. I picked up what I think to be a FT570SB from a friend, who found it in a basement, sitting against the wall at a very severe angle, and time ( as well as kids continuing to tighten and retighten the strings) had caused the neck to separate from the body; a problem, I have since learned, that has plagued many a FT570 without the root causes I have just stated. The label inside the body, once blue, had either been torn off or simply fell off with age. At any rate, I got the neck repaired, both reset, glued, and then bolted on. I say "bolted on" because the neck was definitely a dove tail neck, unlike the one displayed in the pictures in another posting, and the bolt installed by the luthier who repaired the guitar was definitely an addition, not a replacement. Was the FT570 ever produced with a regular dovetail, glued on neck, or am I now only 75% sure of exactly which guitar I own? As you can see by the pictures, it looks like a FT570SB, with the exception of the neck heel. Any information would be greatly appreciated. This guitar, regardless of where/when it was made and what it may be selling for in the "real world," outplays and sounds better than any guitar I have ever owned. Thanks, CLH
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