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  1. I think I have that same guitar. Same color, quilt, everything. Do you happen to know what the p/u were based on? All I know is that the back of mine say Epiphone. Kind of a newb to this forum and Epi's
  2. What is this strange feeling I have in my pants? Nice Geeet
  3. Just matters what your going for. I'm simplistic. I like one pedal for one thing. You can pick 'em up used like I do off Craig's List or evil Bay relatively inexpensive. I have just a few for my tone. Tuner>CFH Dunlop Wah>DOD YJM308 OD>Metal Muff Dist> Noise Gate. I might add a chorus. But all the other stuff can also discolor your original tone.
  4. Freakin' sweet, but you'd better get that thing in out of that S. Florida humidity. It been crazy here in Tampa Bay area.
  5. Well, I tried the deal of reversing the saddle. That seemed to work. I only tested it at low volumes this am. According to my tuners the strings are in tune, and sound good to the ears. Thanks for the help. If it doesn't sound well at playing volume, it's going to a shop.
  6. I can't seem to get the G string intonated on my G400. No problem w/the other 5 strings. Standard stop tail piece, tune-o-matic bridge. Any advice would come in handy. Thanks](*,) :D
  7. I traded my Dean Vendetta 2.0 w/Licensed Floyd, for a Epiphone '62 Re-Issue Cherry SG 400, Trap inlays. Alnico V P/Us Great player.
  8. I had a hot rodded humbucker set in another guitar a while back, I forget what model. But the jb sounded great and the jazz was a little muddy for my taste. I was thinking JB and '59 in neck. I had some dimarzios ina Fender dual humbucker tele, not very hot. I have EMG's in a Dean '79 V but that is for mostly metal. I'll tell you I listened to some of the ones on guitarfetish.com and was impressed for the price. I also want to get some with some chrome covers for this Epi
  9. Hey guys, I just got my Epi Standard Plus. The pickups surprise me. The bridge is crisp and clear. Good crunch, etc... But I play everything from Allman Bros, Skynyrd, Metallica, Slayer, Doom Metal, Albert Collins, Sabbath, a little everything. Is there a general pickup you could suggest that would cover most of that? Thanks
  10. First post here, be nice. I picked up an Epi Les Paul Standard Plus in trans blue today. Beauty of a finish with the quilted Trans. But there is a little seal on back of headstock that says "Limited Edition". From the serial number (I02091278) I think it was made in Sept. 2002. Does anyone know anything about these? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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