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  1. BTW, i'm assuming that a 22W means "22 Wound". What about "22P"? What is the P?
  2. Electric: I have used Elixirs once in the past. And thought they were great. Would use them again but local shops only have 9-42. Had awful luck (weird harmonics) with Dean Markley Blue Steels 10-46 and D'Addario standard XL. However, just put D'Addario Chromes FLATWOUNDS 12-52 (first time ever) on my DOT STUDIO and although it's not what i'm used to, i find it a pleasure to play. Very smooth sound. Acoustic: Have always used Martin acoustic strings for years and happy. Recently tried the CLAPTON strings which were nice although the low-E is a little dull.
  3. Some examples of a "Made in China" fake:
  4. http://www.mylespaul.com/forums/epiphone-les-pauls/31153-fake-epiphone-thread-ii.html
  5. Firstly, why do you want to change the tuners? An experienced Luthier told me that (despite demands) it's rarely the machineheads that cause tuning problems. And usually the problems are caused by the nut.
  6. no handstands needed. Just 1) an electronic chromatic tuner (or guitar rig), 2) a well- adjusted neck with slight relief. 3) intonated saddle/bridge. 4) a nut-slotting file (or smoothed out hack-saw) for the nut. BTW, that article about the G-String (...uhhh, guitar G-string...) makes perfect sense to me, and been trying to use a WOUND g-string for 15+years..... although a lot of shop-assistants think i'm nuts when i ask them about substituting for a wound string. Personally, i don't understand how people are brave enough to perform with poorly intonated guitars, but i'm geeky like that.
  7. you probably don't need to sell the guitar (yet). firstly, you can probably adjust the pick-up, and the level for that particular string. Dont know which pick-up it has. But might simply need a flat-head screwdriver adjustment. Other than that, a parametric EQ alongside correct use of compression (the term "twang" usually focuses on the attack or transient of a particular sound) will probably work wonders. and STRINGS!!!!
  8. mysterious yet masculinely attractive guitar. what's the deal with them black pick-ups?? ... i'll safely assume they'll sound a lot better than the stock pick-ups on other epiphones.
  9. That Earvana nut thing is pretty interesting. Before i setup my Dot, the first few frets on G and B were about 8-12 cents sharp. a lighter finger press on the fret would be a little better. But the guys in the shop told me this was "normal". I've set it up to somewhere in between the two comparisons [below] now. But still, that annoying G-string just hovers left and right of that 0 cent mark.
  10. BTW, I'm basically an audio-engineer. So, folks often complain that my ear is a bit too "retentive" [to be honest] - and they're probably right. Additionally, i'm fundamentally an acoustic rhythm player (i.e. different string gauge, different finger pressure habits). I have no problems with acoustic guitars but recently returned to using electrics for some recording projects - and playing expensive guitars or cheap electrics was a fairly frustrating endeavour. My new guitar is a Dot Studio. The nut on this thing was ridiculously high/shallow. I sorted the relief, the saddle, and then spent an eternity filing the nut-slots myself, just to get those first few frets to play in tune. On the whole, they are fairly well adjusted.
  11. Hey, thanks for the replies. I'd used Dean Markely Blue Steel 10-46 previously. But the gauge was too light/flexible for my habits and were going out of tune every minute or so. So replaced them with X-Rockers 11-56 for the tension and better stability. Although a tad TOO heavy perhaps. However, it's the volume, tone and harmonics of the G and B string which is causing grievances - and is usually considered to be an "electric guitar problem". Yeh, i must try these flat-wound strings.
  12. I realise this may be a redundant question. But i'm having a nightmare finding strings (for my new Dot) where the G and B string will ring-out smoothly. Yes, replacing the G with a covered string certainly helps. But not many sets offer this. But i'm wondering if there are any experienced folks out there who can suggest a realiable "set" with less harsh G and B strings? I never seem to have this problem with the high E-string for some bizarre reason!
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