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  1. Thanks everyone for the info its helping a LOT!!! Every time I play my Epi Blues Custom 30 the tones I get really makes me glad about the deal I made to get it. Great amp so far and I found out it was made in '07. Thanks again for all your knowledgeable answers. Happy New Year.
  2. Happy New Year to everyone and I pray we have a great 2010!! I love this Epiphone Blues Custom 30 tube amp but its seems to distort too soon. When I play in class A mode it doesn't sound as clean as I think it should like a Fendery clean. Do I need new tubes or a speaker change or is this the amps nature. In A/B mode it is pretty clean is that where I should play to have that clean sound? By the way I primarily use Fender strats, one with 57/62 pickups and the other a Highway 1 with Seymour Duncan SSL-1's. Even with the guitar volume at 6-8 and amp volume at 2-4 in class A there seems to be a little bit of breakup is that normal? I appreciate any help. Thanks.
  3. Thanks Gunslinger and all for your help!!
  4. Thanks Drdos for your answer. Do I need to be "extra" careful when hauling my amp as far as carrying it in the trunk of my car or in the back of my pickup? Tubes don't come loose easily do they? I hope I'm not asking silly questions.
  5. I posted this in the wrong spot late last night but here it is again. I got the Blues Custom 30 in a trade a few months ago and since understanding the settings better I really like this amp. Don't know much about tube amps so my queetions are: How often will the tubes need replacing and how will I know, by changes in the sound or will they just blow? I don't know when or if the tubes in it have been replaced or how old the amp is but it sounds great with both of my Fender strats. Thanks in advance for any information.
  6. Sorry I wasn't more specific, I have the Epiphone Blues Custom 30 tube amp. I read on one of these post that it is auto biasing.
  7. I own a used BC 30 and am new yo tube amps. It was bought used in great shape about 5 months ago and I'm liking it more and more. My question is how often do you have to replace tubes and is it a hard job to do so? Thanks in advance for any info?
  8. Since I may need to replace tubes in my Blues Custom 30 one day, what would you guys recommend and why? I really like this amp except the weight. Had it only 3 days got it in a trade. Thanks for any help and info about this amp. By the way I'm from Arkansas. Guitars: 2000 Fender MIM Strat with 57/62 pickups; 2007 Highway 1 Srat with Seymour Duncan SSL 1 pickups; Canvas CST50 semi-hollowbody. Amps: Fender Stage 160 and Epiphone Blues Custom 30.
  9. Need a cover for Epiphone Blues Custom 30 and casters because this bad boy is heavy. Help!!
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