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  1. Hello, being a huge Beatles/Oasis, jangle pop and powerpop fan I'm looking for a hollow/semihollow guitar. I can't decide between the new Sheraton II Pro and the Casino. Both are priced similarly. And I know their differences in pick-ups (P90 vs hummbuckers), center block on the sheraton, etc.. I have no way to try them since there is no Epi dealer in town. I expect the Casino to be able to replicate the Beatles sound easily and the Sheraton might be closer to the Oasis tone since Noel used this type of guitar in the past and currently with the Gibson ES335. I wonder if the coil
  2. Any recommended string gauge for the Texan IB'64? Which are the factory strings, any idea?
  3. Hi, I find that the action on my Epiphone Texan IB64 is way too high while to tross rod seems to be OK. I was thinking about sanding the saddle down. But I would like to try first with a replacement in order not to "damage" the original one. Do you know the factory settings for this piece? I only get to know is a compensated Tusq one but not the model (brand) nor size. Has anyone tried to find a replacement for it? Any hint would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Finally I ordered one! If I have the chance, I'll post some pictures in a couple of weeks!
  5. Has anyone bought the vintage sunburts model? I would like to see some "real" pictures! If so, please post them! :-P This is one that I've found on the internet. Looks better than the promo ones in my opinion. Thanks!
  6. Hello, Been reading for a while your great reviews on the new Texan IB 64. They brought me into this forum in the first place. I would like to know how well does it stand the comparation versus the AJ500M. In other words, which would you recommend better? I have no chance to try them. No Epiphone dealer arround in the area I live in. Taking into account that on the e-store I've been checking their price range is pretty similar. Texan 279 EUR AJ500M 330 EUR Any comments are welcome! Thanks!
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